Dayton Kingery on Halloween It's Halloween today! What is your costume? Or are you still finalizing it? It's never too late!

Dayton Kingery on the 2021 World Series Braves – Astros promises to be a great series. Hopefully it will go 7 games. Most of the sentimental support will be for the NLCS Champions who haven't won the World Series in 26 years and have overcome a lot of bad seasons to bounce back.

They knocked out the Brewers and then the Dodgers.

As for the Astros, people are still very upset about what happened with them and they haven't won many friends since.

This though doesn't matter once the series starts.

Dayton Kingery – Tom Brady Whether you're a Pats fan, Bucs fan or just sports fan, you have to admire what Brady is doing. To do what he's doing at any age is remarkable but at 44 it's just mind blowing. Further more, he shows no sign of slowing down!

Dayton Kingery – 2021 World Series The Houston Astros will take on the Atlanta Braves for the 2021 World Series. Momentum is a crazy thing in sports, especially baseball. The Red Sox looked to be heading for a comfortable 3-1 lead when a blown call led to a 7 run inning, led to a loss which tied the series at 2.

The Astros won Game 5 and then doubled down with the win in Game 6.

It all happened quite quickly and now the Astros are in another series.

Do the Braves have the ability to match it with the AL Champions?

I'll write more about this in the coming days.

Dayton Kingery on Halloween 2021 What to wear for Halloween? It's always an interesting question. Do you already have your costume decided?

Dayton Kingery – Squid Game Have you seen Squid Game? It's one of the craziest TV shows of all time. No wonder it's one of the world's most popular shows. If there's a sequel, there would be even more hype and excitement.

Dayton Kingery – COVID views So here we are still living with COVID. How did it get to this? How long are we still going to be living with this horrible virus?

What have your COVID experiences been like?