How was everyone's Xmas? Did Santa bring you what you were hoping for? More importantly, were you able to spend it with family and loved ones? Was it like a Xmas unlike any other or were you able to keep a sense of normalcy?

Christmas by Dayton Kingery

It's almost Christmas.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

What do you most enjoy about Christmas?

What is your favorite Christmas?

Christmas is a wonderful time of year with the family getting together.

Unfortunately many families can't come together due to the pandemic

Who knows how we will be celebrating 2021?

How will we look back on this year?

Staying Resolute New Years Resolutions – are you going to have any this year? If you've made any in the past, how long were you able to keep them going for? It's a tough thing to maintain but if you can see it through, it can be very rewarding.

Busy Bodies 365 Being a busy body may not always be a good thing but I've created a website called BusyBodies365.

In these times, people need to get out and about and not neglect their physical or mental health. So anything that can be done to promote wellness and fitness is helpful in these times.

Dayton Kingery – Week of Thanksgiving

This is quite the time of year – the pumpkin, the turkey, the cranberry sauce. Family being around together.

Do you enjoy this time of year? Is Thanksgiving one of your favorite holidays?

What are some of your Thanksgiving memories?

Once you start writing here, you get the hang of it.

Looking forward to writing about health, fitness and well-being

I actually have some new websites coming which is pretty exciting. Will write more about them when they're live.

Dayton Kingery – Write As

I'm looking forward to writing here.

I already write at Thrive Global and Medium so will be great to contribute here as well.