The Fairy Tale

Chapter-1 She had an image in her mind of someone who would be making her as special she could be, make her feel she is wanted & acknowledged. She wanted someone who would standby her no matter what the situation is because no one ever did that for her. No one ever understood her the way she wanted everyone or at least someone to be. All people did was tell her that she right or wrong but no one ever tried to know the why behind whatever she did. So she prayed that there should be someone who would just be there for her the way she has been there for everyone in her life. There should be someone who would listen all her problems and just listen because she felt that there was nobody there to just listen.she wanted someone who would make her the priority, would take care of her and make her feel special in every little way possible. She used to pray to god to have someone like that every day.

The Unsaid Expectations!

Bottom line everyone has them. Wether they say they do or they say that they don’t. But to bring someone to a point where you give up on having any from anybody is not fair to anyone. Every relation is a two way road in-fact it is always a two way road. If you expect something from someone they also do the same. But there is a point where you get so comfortable with someone that you unintentionally take them for granted and this happens in every relationship. But the thing with relationship is its importance. I mean if the relationship is important enough for you to realise that the person that you have taken for granted is feeling left out or probably is expecting out of you also. So think!! Do they expect anything even if they say that they don’t. And if they do what is that.