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5 Reasons Why Gift of Giving is good for you

We are all born different. Do you think the gift of giving can bring us to the same level?

The fundamental characteristic that identifies humans as different from other beings is kindness. We all show the act of kindness consciously or subconsciously in several ways.

Giving is one such act of kindness in which all the people involved in the act get happy. Suppose it's Christmas night and you are enjoying the party because you can. There is still a part of society that the elites like to call “have nots” who are not financially sound to celebrate the festival like you.

You are gifted with enough possession that you can help the person who is alone and in need. So when you go with a gift to visit a person who was not expecting any visitors or food that night. Your presence there can bring a big smile to that person's face. When someone feels happy because of us, it gives us a mesmerizing feeling. While reading the article, you can also tell how you'll feel when you get a chance to become the reason for someone's happiness. It proves that a smile is no less than an emotion.

We talked about the gift of giving in the above few sentences, but how is it good for you? We'll talk about that in the article, listing five reasons why the gift of giving is good for you or anyone. Keep on reading to agree on every point.

Gratitude evokes from Giving

No matter on which end you are. On the receiving end or the giving, people on both ends share a mutual feeling of gratitude. The sense of gratitude is contagious. It is integral to happiness and satisfaction.

The best thing about gratitude is when you share this feeling with a stranger, friend, or someone close to you; it strengthens your sense of connection to that person.

Moreover, the feeling of gratitude spreads positivity and encourages you to keep performing such acts that bring you close to the sense of gratitude.

Giving is Directly Related to Happiness

Whenever you perform the give something by doing charity, giving money, or being useful to the other person, how do you feel? Great, right? After donating even a small sum or a minor valuable thing for the recipients, we feel happy and, most importantly, satisfied.

It has been proven scientifically that a region of our brain is stimulated when we help someone in any way. This region of the brain is associated with pleasure, trust, and a sense of social connection.

We, humans, are social animals. Some way or the other, we are connected or say dependent on each other. When we are helpful to the other person, or someone gets happy because of us, it makes us happy too. In scientific terminology, endorphins are released in our brain that makes us feel positive. This feeling is called “helper's high.”

May you get high on the gift of giving often!

Giving is a Contagious Act

As we read above, humans are social animals. We tend to adapt to the features of the people around us. For instance, I am not into exercising or fitness, but today when my roommate was doing yoga, I don't know why I felt the urge to do it. Before I could even realize it was not in my hands to control the urge. The other second I was also doing yoga with her.

The same is with the act of giving. When you help someone by giving them some time of yours, listening to them, or helping them with money or any materialistic thing, it makes them generous too. The other person stores how you made them feel, and then they try to do the same for the other people. See how many people are becoming generous in this way.

We, humans, are masters at imitating and acquiring new and useful skills. It would be better if we use this ability in spreading positivity.

Giving promotes Social Connection.

When you give something to someone, you are giving a part of yourself to them. The great act of giving is when you do not expect anything in return for your giving. But Universe has its way to reward acts of kindness.

When you donate something or help someone in any way, you'll likely get something in return. It can be by the person you helped or in some other way.

For instance, if you helped a friend of yours with some money, you know he'll not be able to return that. From the beginning itself, you remain at peace with the thought; you'll not get that money back. And then, after some days, your promotion is announced. I told you, Universe has got its way of rewarding good people and good intentions.

Gift of Giving is Good for Health

Happiness is what we all are chasing. When you help someone by giving them what they need, it sets them free and makes you happy. This feeling of happiness and satisfaction is the solution to most of the problems.

So, instead of chasing happiness, shouldn't we increase generosity and learning to become kinder day by day?

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