Humble Beginnings should carry on to Humble Ends

Always Be Humble

In today’s fast-paced world, almost everyone is competing to show how better they are from others. Self-image obsession and inflated ego has made them self-centered. But this is not something we can live with all our life. Confidence is certainly a key to living a good life, but overconfidence can make you seem like a jerk.

Okay, let’s make it clear with a question. We all know at least a person who thinks he/she is smartest, strongest, and all-rounder. But honestly, do you like them? Probably the answer must be ‘No.’ This is because no one likes overconfident and self-centered people. However, you may have a few humble friends too whom you like to talk and meet. This clearly shows that we want humble people to be a part of our lives.

Humility is something everyone should have. However, there is a fine line between humility and low-self esteem. For instance, the one who has low self-esteem thinks that everyone is better than them. On the other hand, someone who is humble feels that they are neither best nor worst. Humble people do not boast their abilities or accomplishments to others but show them with their actions. For them, actions speak louder than words.

So, what are the reasons to be a humble human being? Let’s have a look at those reasons.

For Building Better Relationships

Let’s start this point with a couple of questions. How many of your friends brag about their achievements, money, or possessions? Or how many are self-centered? Maybe one two or no one? The truth is many people don’t want to be friends with self-centered and arrogant people because they are egoist and full of negativity.

On the other hand, humble people have better relationship outcomes. People tend to build healthier and better relationships with humble people than arrogant people.

Helping Others in Need

Helping others without any selfish motive is one of the major traits of a humble person. Humility and prosocial qualities in a person are more likely to help others than those who are not humble.

When you have a down-to-earth view of yourself, you will be able to relate yourself to others. But an arrogant, self-centered person can see everyone beneath them or not worth the effort or time. A humble person can never see people beneath them but is always ready to help those in need.

Help you in Your Career

Seriously, it does! Many graduate programs and employers are constantly looking for hard-working, humble applicants. For them, any applicant bragging and thinking they are the best are difficult to work with. They have a lack of humility and are not interested in taking feedback. But humble employees not only take feedback positively, but they are also best to work with.

Even if they are the best in their field, they never flaunt it and are always eager to learn new things that help them grow in their career. They always put great emphasis on customer’s or client’s needs. If an applicant acts arrogant in interviews and tries to sell himself short, he/she will never be selected. So, make sure to be humble always.

How to be Humble?

Many people can’t accept failure as their self-esteem gets hurt. All of a sudden, they become unworthy and bad people. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be humble. You just have to follow a few aspects to embrace humility.

Practice Self-compassion and mindfulness

Mindfulness and compassion have been associated with emotional well-being and psychological resilience. You can’t develop humility without them.

Mindfulness increases our self-awareness and permits us to notice our emotions and thoughts without judgment. The more we become aware of what lies within us, the easier it is to see unhealthy actions limiting us. Once we accept what should be changed in us, we can start the process of transformation. Just patiently and gently replace a negative action or thought with a positive one and see how our life changes for good.

Express Gratitude

‘Thank you’ shows acknowledgement of gifts that come into our lives. Gratitude makes us more focused on our surroundings and also a hallmark of humble people. Expressing gratitude can induce humility in us, and if you are humble, you have a greater capacity for conveying gratitude. Humble people always bring out the best in others and themselves to make the world a better place. Even

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