Mo' Money Mo' Problems

Life is not Just Money. It's more than that

“Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”

Today the world is more materialistic than it ever was. People want to bring every fancy product to their home; they want to live a lavish life. But why do they want this luxurious life? Simple, because others live like this, under the possession of costly things and a lavish lifestyle.

To afford such a lifestyle, you will have to invest a good amount of money. Therefore, money has overpowered every relation, every sentiment nowadays. People are running after money like anything. They do not see anything above money, and they have made their life all about worldly possessions.

You might be feeling awkward on reading this because you know that we are telling the truth. We have indeed made our lives all about money as you can see after 18 years of age, the only thing youngsters care about is earning money. We forget that we have a life apart from our financial status; those other factors also contribute to our living.

We have come so far in possession of money that we have forgotten; life is more than just money. Therefore, in this blog, we will help you recognize everything essential for a better living.


“Health is Wealth” we usually listen to people using this phrase. Do we really take care of our health when we are busy earning? Even now, a person would have skipped breakfast to reach the office early; someone would have skipped lunch to do overtime.

We must understand that health should be our priority. If our health is not fine, we will not be able to work efficiently.

Take Time for Hobbies

Every person has something other than their studies and profession that they love doing. When you do something that you love doing, you are treating yourself. By taking out time for yourself, you embrace the type of person you are.

Create Experiences

Life is a series of moments that always stay with you. Humans crave experiences with the right kind of people. To create and live experiences, you will have to be completely present in that situation. An experience can be anything, a kiss, a candlelight dinner, a baby smiling at you. It can be anything that stays with you and makes you smile whenever you think about that moment.


We usually complain nowadays that relationships are hollow. They have not remained what they used to be. It is so because earlier people used to value their relations. They knew how to maintain their personal and professional life.

Nowadays, we want to woo our partner with our money, so we invest most of our time earning. By doing so, we make a lot for “us,” but here, we have to understand that your partner cares for the time you spent with them over how much money you have earned.


In adulthood, we make ourselves too busy earning the right livelihood and lose touch with our loved ones. We usually believe that people know how much we care for them or love them, but things don't work like that.

If you care for someone, you have to let them know how you feel. Your physical presence is not always needed; just a message or a phone call can make another person feel good and help you build good relationships.

Personal Growth

During our hike in the career, we significantly focus on our growth as an employee, and we invest all our energy to learn new things to make our work quality better. Do you find something odd here? It's good to improve your work quality but what about you? To live a happy and prosperous life, you should focus on improving yourself and your way of life. The world needs more humanity than money today.

Helping Others

Helping others is the basic thing that all of us are taught in our childhood. No doubt, during childhood, we do everything to help people around us. Over time, when we grow up, our priorities change; we get too busy fulfilling our needs that we forget about anyone else.

Sharing and helping is a human nature that makes us kind and better than other organisms. So, how can you compromise on that?

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