Music Makes the Man

The Healing Power of Music

Life is full of stressors that can lead to anger, frustration and sadness. During these times, it’s almost impossible to get back on your feet. It feels like the world is on your shoulders, so to speak. There are various options how to make yourself feel better. There’s socializing, travelling, and writing. But there’s another thing you should try. It’s one of the simplest yet most effective ways to alleviate tension and stress—music.

Many believe that music is merely a group of sounds created to become a melody. Little do they know that it’s a proven and tested way to cope with life’s hardships. According to experts, making music or writing song lyrics offers alleviation of stress and peace of mind. This is why psychologists from all over the globe recommend music therapy for healing. Here’s how it affects the mind and the body.

Music relaxes the nervous system

Studies show that rhythm has a tremendous effect on one’s nervous system. Simply listening to music has a significant effect to our psychobiological stress system. When you feel the music, the body synchronizes with the beat, allowing the organs to function coherently as if they are in a concert. This helps the body achieve balance in terms of appetite, sleep cycle, heartbeat, even breathing. With the power of music, you can regulate the body without worrying about side effects.

According to neuropsychologists, listening to music regularly can balance one’s hormones. It helps in the secretion of dopamine, also known as the pleasure hormone; serotonin, or the happy hormone, and oxytocin, the hormone that allows people to connect with others. The best part is, music can reduce the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone, which is responsible for bodily imbalance.

Music fosters emotional expression

In society, people need to choose when and how they express their thoughts and emotions. This could be detrimental to others especially if they have pent-up feelings. If these thoughts and emotions remain unexpressed, it could lead to depression and anxiety. It can even lead to self-harm. If you’re experiencing the same hardship, you can make music or write a song. It is a proven technique to cope with negative emotions without harming oneself or anybody else.

Music help build connections

According to experts, listening to or making music is like talking to yourself through melody. It sparks some form of intrapersonal connection that allows your body and mind to go with the rhythm. As it establishes a connection, they find ways to console the soul, giving it healing and cleansing it from negativity.

Whenever you listen to music, go with the beat. Understand the lyrics. Don’t be afraid to unleash your emotions. As you release these emotions, you will feel more relaxed. And in the morning, the pain wouldn’t be as extreme.

Music helps build connections

Listening to music also helps promote interpersonal connections. It reminds you that many people are in the same situation you are in now. This process makes you feel validated, giving you the impression that it’s okay to feel broken. It’s okay to cry. And you’re not alone. With that said, music helps you gain assurance. If people were able to get through it, so will you. It gives you motivation to get back on your feet. Recovery may not be as quick but with music, you can take on the world one day at a time. Do you see? You may not feel a physical bond with others who listen to the same song but you can build a deeper and more soulful connection through music.

Music is a good conduit of meditation

This is one of the most sought-after effects of listening to music. Despite what people think, meditation is not the process of changing who you are. It is the process of acknowledging what you feel to foster awareness.

When you’re feeling frustrated or restless, countless thoughts may cross your mind – things that haven’t happened yet or your regrets in the past. Whatever it is, it causes tension, anxiety, and stress. Listening helps you be in the moment to focus on that one problem and develop a new perspective on it. The process of motivation helps you move on. It allows you to understand your situation fully so you can find closure and heal.

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