A Found Feldgang Poem from the Musings of Friends

Rays of light in the cosmos — we wander; we wonder (Sheri) of learning along pathways, these walking paths, worrying always about erosion (Greg) for these seeds to be distributed by the wind: we thistle down, we're deeply cut, plumed (Algot) with the truth — here comes change: nothing ever really stays the same (Margaret) Yet, we worry still about the hive mind, the potential power of collaboration and the collective — perhaps, we hope (Troy) we have to start where we live, and where we work, and this is one of the places I live (Terry)

— Thanks to Sheri, Greg, Algot, Margaret, Troy and Terry for writing words that I could borrow for a found poem via the CLMOOC RSS Planet https://clmoocring.jgregorymcverry.com/clmooc-planet/