A place to gather words before they get lost.

Soaked grass between toes - where night's rain went, I don't know - Sun, light; the breeze, blows

for Algot

Landscape: A Duplex Poem

We rarely know where this trodden trail ends The land’s shape alters around each bend

This landscape changes beyond every bend Winter’s fury moved rivers, shifted stones

Winter’s anger lifted rivers, grooved stones The map on hand arrives folded like metaphor

The map of the land unfolds like metaphor We read it as a story, and little more

We’ll write it as story, and maybe something more Quiet in the woods, eyes forward into dark

In the quiet woods, eyes lean towards the dark Even an explorer knows to expect the unexpected

Every explorer reflects the mirror of the unexpected I suspect we may never know how this trail ends

Inspired by Jericho Brown

Time’s unspoken dance is but mirage

our past, a shadow of reluctant mirror, reflected

by memory, thumbing along the skin of a reluctant drum

to a beat of flawed rhythm, the melody of one

(Submitted for a Metaphor Dice competition .. it didn't win)

For all the words I’ve yet to use - the phantom ink of forgotten blues - I strum the chords to hear the news, and think on paths

For Mastoprompt

Fibonacci Poem

Writing/ Poems/ About hope/ Words become us/ Where reason remains quiet, until/ The poet picks up pen or ink quill/ And centers the world around an idea and brings it close and still

For DS106 Fibonacci Sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 …

A complicated world turns on a simple principle:

Whatever the weather, we're in this together

for #mastoprompt

Some days, it just starts like this

the haze settles in - something's amiss

for #mastoprompt

First, falled; then springed; then summered; then wintered

We live a world, always in the act of becoming splintered

for #mastoprompt

By the time I've even opened my eyes

the birds on the block have begun to sing

the song of another day's sunrise

for #mastoprompt

Escape, into whatever world that takes, whether it's a glimmer of hope that leads you forward to lean against the break, or maybe you make a path forged out of the ashes of forgotten faith

for #mastoprompt