A place to gather words before they get lost.

To earn the grades, you need to learn the maze then you need to break your way through, day after day after day

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Circe Waits For Nobody

Circe shakes sand from inside the shack, wrestling the rugs with a frustrated snap, cackling songs with a maniacal laugh, but he’s not coming back

The Four Winds know but refused to say what pulls at the sky, what shifts it away, what shimmers the ground, day after day, while he refuses to stay

She scrubs every window in order to see linear lines dancing at the seams, sailing the waters of ancient dreams; And still, he takes leave

Circe sighs, sparks a fire for light, loosens the knots that held him tight, whispering spells to an enveloping night; gone to wind, like a kite

And so she is, pining for past, year after year, Circe waits, watching, for sails to appear but time has a way of deadening fear: Nobody’s presence, a ghost from tears

Sunlight, fade

as we fold night into hot summer's day

huddled, hidden beneath the forest for shade

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Long in tooth but short of nail

the political world flexes, but is sure to fail

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August tricks the leaves, thieves the trees of mystery: it's summer, not fall

for Algot

Bare feet scuffles on sharpened yellow grass

the arid reminders of a sky refusing to fall

Spring's flowers, faded; the weeds, grown tall

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Touch the stones that fjord the stream that make the lake that limits the Earth

for all effort to hold back these waters are but temporary, anyway

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It's Pachyderm funk coming from the woods with a trombone trunk its bended blue notes could crank, crash, crunk and if you hear it, you should dance it even if your moves are junk

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When windows become broken

ideas become open

Every stone's a throw, to shatter

the illusions no longer matter

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Just don 't delet e me – the delete ke y won't fr ee me – it will only remove m e and I wan t you to se e me

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