A place to gather words before they get lost.

Knee deep in dirt, we work to rescue the tiny tree,

fragile roots tucked under and daily watering on schedule;

for in a world where so much seems beyond our control,

this, maybe, we can do

for #MastoPrompt

Neither purple nor red, but instead, Magenta's something squished in-between

for #MastoPrompt

As Autumn arrives, so, too, does the changing rains; these leaves are falling

for Algot

Barely bendable; rigid, to the point of breaking

for #MastoPrompt

I am, of course, all ears, a rabbit at rest, waiting on another of your ever-curious, forever-furious, scintillatingly-spurious pronouncements of how the world really works

for #MastoPrompt

I wasn’t looking for wonder ...

from I Did Not Notice The Birds by Michael Sun

Gaps in the day as memory runs free – I am only now remembering, the music of wind, of bugs, of birds, of leaves – they're all strumming chords in my ear, my night pillow pulsing in rhythm to things, today, I failed to see

A pad of paper, overflowing with the possible, blue lines remaining blank, a canvas of nothing soon to become something

for #MastoPrompt

A simple nod to acknowledge the words

a subtle acquiescence

for #MastoPrompt

Such small treasures — the edge of a ink on paper the first burst of sunlight the explosion of quiet ideas the unfolding of a song — bring life's pleasures

for #MastoPrompt

Joe, GI, kept his world to himself, his head knocked off by a fall from the shelf

Joe's hands, replaced backwards after a tragic twist of fate, couldn't grip a gun,

but in some remixed world, Joe and Barbie, and maybe Ken, might have had a bit of fun

for #OpenWrite