Engineers and mathematicians each share a fascination with correlation

the product of intense imagination talking out some logical sense from the data flow

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To earn the grades, you need to learn the maze then you need to break your way through, day after day after day

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Sunlight, fade

as we fold night into hot summer's day

huddled, hidden beneath the forest for shade

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Long in tooth but short of nail

the political world flexes, but is sure to fail

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Bare feet scuffles on sharpened yellow grass

the arid reminders of a sky refusing to fall

Spring's flowers, faded; the weeds, grown tall

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Touch the stones that fjord the stream that make the lake that limits the Earth

for all effort to hold back these waters are but temporary, anyway

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It's Pachyderm funk coming from the woods with a trombone trunk its bended blue notes could crank, crash, crunk and if you hear it, you should dance it even if your moves are junk

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When windows become broken

ideas become open

Every stone's a throw, to shatter

the illusions no longer matter

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Just don 't delet e me – the delete ke y won't fr ee me – it will only remove m e and I wan t you to se e me

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Freed but forgotten: the emancipated people of our collective past still languish at the bottom of memory

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