Who made this night so long, a song sung from midnight 'til dawn?

for #sol22

In fog as thick as thoughts - we ought to slow the car down, so we do, then heavy rain arrives: it’s like traveling through soup

for #sol22

It crawled across the keyboard after crawling off the dog - a sure sign of Spring to make us sick: a tick.

for #sol22

My eyes follow the line of wine vines, a skeleton crew of knotted fingers on an elevated farm road, future grapes not yet flowered for the season; this cold still lingers

for #sol22

Half in shadow - half in light, the black oak tree bends forward as if to hold back the coming night, as we sit at its roots: restful, solemn, quiet

for #sol22

Winds push uneven swings forward on rusty grooves, grinding to a music of metal etched on metal;

a slide, half-attached on hinge and bent at an awkward angle, one leg completely collapsed;

monkey bars, dangerous to even look at from this angle, thin and rusted through:

This long-abandoned sculpture of play, mottled blue, at rest in a neighbor’s yard

for #sol22

Odd to be inside such a small space with crowded teens and barely a mask in place, the high school track team meets to celebrate the season as we check open windows and wonder about reason

for #sol22

Pi Day Poem

For a time I rhyme immovable, so poetry seems all stuck together forever-ed turning weathered - for me – and abstract free, unless we assess each odd and fanciful key, we create accidence poems

for #sol22

Time passes slow, then comes quick

Two years to the day when we left on a Friday, sick

with worry about what’s spilling out of this world,

then taking time to return, this place endlessly disrupted -

but what is normal, now, anyway?

for #sol22 and two years into the pandemic

Drama belongs on the stage, actors reading lines written by another, words flung from cannon like shot from a script, not in the practice basement of a band like ours – casual rockers finding release in song - storming out disagreement until ever chord seems broken

for #sol22