WMWP – Springfield Armory Writing Marathon

One (Found Poem) Source: Curators Notes for Photography Exhibit

Art In Everyday Perspective:

An experiment – a chance moment simply demonstrates a century — the daily life of snapshots

Cameras – creativity – compose towards the artistic

Focus on the life of portraits adjusting slight imperfections through a window of time; a precise moment

Images speak Can you hear?

Immerse yourself in art

Two: (Freestyle) Source: The Arsenal At Springfield Armory by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Before Being Boxed

Each story's sung to the steady hum of the organ pipes -

this reader's not ready for war -

But still the drums beat to the rhythms of the world, the thrum of uncertainty

And what may yet come, undone, once more -

this reader's not ready for war

Three: (Diamante) Source: Armory Machine Shop Photos

Gears rattling, resonant turning, creaking, spinning pulleys, wheels, pipes, ropes spinning, creaking, turning efficient, autonomous machine

for Write Out Poetry In The Park event at Springfield Armory Oct. 2023