#1 – Is a dream about a spouse always literal?

Husband and wife argue Dreaming of loved ones such as a friend, family member, or spouse is common because of how important they are to us in our waking lives. We spend a lot of time around them, think about them, and do life with them. This may result in seeing them in our dreams often, but do they always represent the real person or are they symbolic? In the following dream I sensed the spouse represented the dreamer’s husband in waking life. But rather than expose unfaithfulness as alleged in the dream (its unlikely he would be with a new woman every day, and they were already married in reality, so the narrative is fictional), the dream tells me more about the dreamer’s state of mind and emotions than her husband’s apparent affairs.

“I had a dream that my husband (in real life) is cheating on me. While I’m asleep, he is sleeping with somebody else. Everyday, some other new woman (that too just a few days before our marriage).”

In my view this dream is not a reflection of reality, that her husband is cheating on her, but is an expression of her desire to be closer to her husband. Perhaps this dream reveals a sense of separateness she has and she wants to have a stronger relationship with him. These thoughts may be with her daily at present, and the marriage in the dream symbolises a desire she has for a stronger relationship rooted in honesty and trust.