My 27. Birthday

The week of my 27. birthday was quite a crazy week. Even though I didn't plan a party and was never at the centre of attention I still got pretty exactly what I wanted.

On Monday 9th I was supposed to fly to Bergen with my boss Tomas in his Long-EZ but because he was sick I had to take the train in the afternoon. I arrived at Eric's place late in the evening and went to sleep almost right then.

Tuesday we had an intense session in the Bergen office, Wednesday it was only Sathvik, Pierre, Eric and me, and on Thursday it was only Eric and me left. So I called it a day at 14 and went to BAS, the Bergen Architecture School.

Kristian had taken Sathvik and me to this amazing place where his sister Katarina studies on Tuesday and I simply wanted to go back one last time before leaving Bergen. So I ended up helping her on her diploma project for six hours and to my surprise she appreciated it.

Afterwards I joined her for a tea and then took the 23:18 train back from Bergen. On the train, the first people to text me for my birthday were my uncle and aunt from Australia, so I chatted with them for a while.

Back in Drammen I still hadn't slept a lot and felt terribly tired. So back at the airfield I ended up getting into my car and sleeping for seven hours, basically until Per left again.

In the evening I helped Joakim, a friend of Tomas, to initialize the HikVision security camera system. It seemed pretty fishy to me, but nevermind.

At the end of my birthday I was alone again, simply enjoying the evening.

During the next day, a whole bunch of people arrived at our airfield to watch the premiere of a documentary that two friends of Kristian had filmed three years ago on their three-month tour across Europe visiting Eco-villages.

Almost 40 people were in our tiny office to watch this documentary and despite being a full-length documentary it was amazingly well edited! I felt like I learned some interesting things about ecovillages and I definitely want to live in one.

Afterwards, people just flocked around the barbecue fire and at the end of the day I had talked with almost everyone, both the people I had met before and the people I had met for the first time.

Next morning, people had breakfast together, shared raw broccoli and cauliflower, cleaned up and eventually left. With only the organizing people left it was fun to participate in the planning of the next festival.