some of my thoughts and notes

I can hear Myron & E singing in my head how “my life has changed” – even though I'm sure it hasn't changed that much.


So... I've written a decent bit about this woman I can't get out of my head. Which, by the way, also relates to the title of a great six part documentary by Adam Curtis.


Fluids are fascinating. So here is a short collection of content that I found interesting int he last years.


Today I talked with a former fighter jet pilot from the Norwegian Air Force. He told me how back in the 70s he and his comrades had used basically all of the less populated areas of Germany as a training area for low flying.


There is this strange conflict residing within me which is that I enjoy being around people but I want to be able to be alone whenever I want.

And even if I am able to leave I sometimes find it hard to find the right moment.


I think the EU has great potential.

I believe that people from different countries can learn from each other.

Especially about what they admire in other cultures. Or what they hate.

Exchange between countries is vital for each individual and for the collective.

Besides a different language that you may not speak, if you get deeper involved in a country, it's also the official rules and the administrative processes that hold you back from living freely. That make changing the country of your residence a lengthy and often painful process.

But imagine the basic rules for everything and everyone were the same in many countries, wouldn't that be much simpler?

And isn't that in part what the EU is doing? Creating equal rules for everyone? 1 (inside the EU) 2 (except animals)

Now, this is a lot of concentrated power, you may say, and I agree: yes, the EU has great potential.

But we must assure that it is founded both on rational objectives and reasoning as well as on all our conscience and intuition.

How good we are so far scoring in this, I don't fully know. You tell me. What do you think?

Almost two weeks ago I had a bike accident. I was afraid to write about it because I didn't know what would come next in my exploration of pain.


Today I carried a 120 x 240 x 1 cm OSB board from a pile in the hardware store to the trailer on the car, grabbing it from the middle of both long edges and lifting it over my head. While doing that a splinter poked into the skin of my right palm.


In a way, the year 2021 started earlier for me. I cut that shitty 2020 short.


Today my boss wanted me to repeat an analysis that I had done on a 1/5 scale model on the computer with the full scale model he had sent me.