Last year, the woman I love most decided to join me traveling. I don't know how that happened, but it feels like an achievement just to have held up the possibility of this happening.

We travelled together for a total of more than three months and after half a year we were on the way to move into a house in Norway with four friends.

The car I bought a year earlier made it safely all the way to Gibraltar, through Portugal and Galicia, to Slovakia, and back to Norway. In between, we managed to overcome all challenges and made mostly good decisions.

Despite my initially futile attempts of doing so, I eventually managed to get back into work in October and our finances stabilized again.

We survived the entire winter, and even enjoyed Christmas all on our own, with the very fresh news that we will become parents this year.

Eventually, I ended up doing good work, and getting a new contract, which is setting us up some more financial stability and most importantly, parental benefits from the state.

In all the time that we lived together, by now a total of 10 months, we have managed to overcome all our challenges and it feels like we know that it won't necessarily get easier, but that we can manage.