Back Home

Coming back home was a pretty weird feeling. The flat was dirty, nobody seemed to be home, stuff lying around in the kitchen, dozens of black flies flying around, a weird smell and an unbearable heat. Whoever spent their time here had neglected this place.

Later in the evening, Julia knocked on the door and tried to get into Mattis' room, only to find that it's locked. He was sleeping behind his locked door.

Next day we cleaned the flat together and Baran also came home from Denmark, Micha and Sarah and Kevin came around and we had a good time.

Going to REWE in the evening was weird. Not really pleasant.

The next day going to Alnatura was nice – same prices as in Norway but more and better food.

People in the streets are strange. One guy stopped me and asked me if I had a bit of money for him so he could buy a grilled chicken. I didn't want to and told him that I won't support his meat consumption. He told me that I'm not good, that I'm an asshole.

Similar to this desperate meat-enthusiast there are people walking through the streets just slightly shaking their head, as if in disbelief.

Addition from 28. November: Since then, less than a week after coming to Norway, I probably almost eat one entire chicken, just because there was so much of their meat on the table. I had helped to put some of the still living ones into their cages for the night, but I wouldn't have been willing to kill one. Maybe this story is somehow important.