Yesterday I listened to Eugen Drewermann talking about Dostoyevsky's perspective on money and power. I really enjoyed it and was surprised to learn that Dostoyevsky wrote Crime and Punishment in exile in Wiesbaden while I was on a train to Wiesbaden listening to a talk given in Wiesbaden, but most importantly I was reminded on how futile many of our ideas around money really are.

Today, through The Marginalian newsletter and a Poem about how to be reborn each day I discovered an article about what Dostoyevsky wrote on the Meaning of Life just after his death sentence was repealed,.

Then I read about the day he discovered the Meaning of Life in a dream and what his wife Anna Dostoyevskaya wrote on the Secret to a Happy Marriage.

At the point where he proposes marriage to her and she accepts I had to cry. I couldn't and didn't want to stop it. It just made me happy to read.