Impostor Syndrome at Work

It feels like there's a fine line between impostor syndrome and justified self-doubt and modesty. Often I feel like almost anyone could do my job if only they threw a bit of effort onto it and there's not much talent involved.

But the fact that I tend to overlook is that few people do throw the same amount of effort at the same problems, and because of that I'm probably indeed a valuable expert.

This week when I got back to work I heard that we were planning a meeting with a cooperating company for the next day. I politely asked whether I could join that meeting, not because I would be able to add much to it, but simply because it was within my scope of interest and curiosity.

For most of the meeting I listened without saying anything. But I suddenly realized that my employer was going to spend a couple of ten thousand euros on testing my latest idea. I was impressed and even more curious.

Two days later, a colleague requested a call with me, and basically asked me whether I would like to take the lead on the whole test program.

Of course, it's within my scope of interest and ability, but interestingly, probably only my push to join the discussion about the future collaboration clearly communicated my interest.

So, if you doubt your own abilities often, take this as advice: Simply follow your curiosity and don't be afraid to show your interest, take on new responsibilities and expand your abilities.