Love – Attraction – Containment

Maybe for most people this is obvious stuff, but for me this was a lot to take in at once. What is love? What is a relationship? Dr. Orion Taraban explains that Love has nothing to do with Relationships and what both of them mean.

According to him, love is wanting the good for the loved one without any regard for the self. The more you love, the less self there is. Love wants nothing, but in humility, if possible, to remain in the presence of the loved one, but is willing to sacrifice even that for the good of the loved one. And a relationship is the vehicle through with value is transacted.

Then there is Teal Swan, explaining what Attraction is and how it connects with everything else. Also, frankly, a bit of a mind blow to me, but a very good one.

And then, another possibly controversial but very useful explanation of what Containment is and how it connects with relationships.

I would be curious to know what you think about these things, how you relate to them and how you feel about them. Let me know :)