Last night I had some pretty bad nightmares. I remember visiting Gaza and being surrounded by suffering people and immediate danger. I went onto a traditional muscle-powered boat, one of the last ones that survived, but eventually it sank and all of us were swimming in the water.

When I woke up, I was not really rested and on top of that disappointed at the fact that I had nobody to cuddle with. I felt like I wanted to continue sleeping and that no way I want to go to work.

Reading that only few people would actually be in the office, and knowing where I would continue my work, I got a bit more motivated.

Getting out of the driveway without any additional gravel shoveling also added to my motivation as a small experience of success.

The message from Andeo, and the workday being productive (albeit in a slightly boring way), just as Gregory predicted, also gives me a calm sense of motivation.

I feel like I will be fine. The bad feeling of the nightmares has washed off. However, there's still a war going on in Gaza and I don't know how to help the people.