Winter Solstice

Exactly six months ago, on the 21.06.23, I was starting to prepare the things I would pack on my journey to Bratislava.

Packing I was also browsing through my box with little cards with quotes on them:


“Es gibt nur eine sichere Methode, die Zukunft zu erkennen. Nämlich: Sie geben ein Versprechen ab; und Sie halten es.” – Hannah Arend

“It is this tension between the 'current state' and 'desired state' that creates anxiety and fear.

Most people feel paralyzed – they focus on 'the gap' (how much they need to accomplish) versus on moving forward .”

“Health is about accepting and perceiving and dealing with reality on reality's terms.”

“It means romantic love to us here in the West, but the Tibetans, how they approach it, love means how happy you can make another person.”

On the same day I looked at a lot of old stuff, but couldn't really figure out what to do with it.

On the 22.06. I took a long walk with Ryder and Luna and we got caught in quite a bad rain.


Laminar and Turbulent


On the 23.06. I polished my ring with the chrome polish.


On the 24.06. I received a new car radio, picked up things from my old collective and visited a Jam session with Nils and Raphael in the Jazzkeller.

On the 25.06. I visited the Eurobike Fair in Frankfurt together with Kristian.


On the 26.06. we visited Lars at his Bauwagen and I visited Nathan and Valentina.


On the 27.06. I observed a cool spider in my parents' living room and finally mounted the new radio.

On the 28.06. I continued packing and sorting through things, visited Nathan and Valentina again, moved to Sarah's collective, and enjoyed an evening with Kristian and some other friends.


On the 29.06. I took a walk with Jens through the forest where we had taken a walk together just a bit more than a month earlier.

On the 30.06. we met in the garden of Mattis and Julia to drink wine and eat cheese and I finally got my mountainbike back.

Wine and Cheese

On the 01.07. I picked St. Johns Worth flowers in the forest with my mother and packed everything into the car.



On the 02.07. I took a last walk with Ryder and Luna and

On the 03.07. I drove to Slovakia with Kristian and Nils.

The time since then seems to have flown away like nothing.

I got to know your family and Frodo, we spent some nice days with Kristian and Nils, and then started our tour towards Norway. I enjoyed camping with you, and spending some time on the way to Norway.



Packed Again


Arriving there was stressful, but I enjoyed the time after we got more clarity on the job-situation for me. I didn't enjoy the time back home in September and October too much, but I was very happy to drive back to Norway with you and start working again.

New Home


One highlight back at home in October was seeing how our car would look like with blue interieur.

Blue CX

Re-starting work turned out a bit more bumpy than expected, but from time to time I definitely enjoyed it and overall we settled into more stable moods and days.


I love the new stability and think it is good to continue building that. Over the next six months I would love to get better at making you happy, make you feel like you are enough, make myself happy and feel like I am enough, save some more money, and get a better idea of where we will be in the next few years.