starseed notes on higher consciousness & cosmic integration. ♥

Radical Self-Love is Multidimensional

Could you love something you didn't understand? I suppose so, but I think it would be foolish. Naïve, to believe, that you could find truth in emotions without logic. The opposite is true, in that there's no sense following logic without love.

If you don't know who you are, how could you love your Self fully? If you believe adamantly in the illusion of who you are, how could your love expand beyond a looping reality?

Radical self-love is multidimensional.

Break free of the programming. Unlearn to re-learn, the naked truth of your Divine complexity as an eternal soul traveling the physical plane. With your heart full of forgiveness and acceptance, fall deeply into your darkest wounds and allow the light of Love to break through the chains of self enslavement.

Radical self- love is remembering who you are and stopping at nothing to embody the highest, most loving and joyful Self imaginable.

Starseeds are biologically coded to make a difference, but what does that look like for us on the ground?

I've been living in a cocoon of integration for the past year, recollecting soul fragments, severing energetic cord connections, re-writing limiting belief programs, removing ET implants, clearing out light-body DNA distortions, healing my ancestral line, and going through all the detoxing.

I broke through the New Age glass-ceiling, which is designed to keep lightworkers and Starseeds from integrating the full spectrum of their cosmic remembrance by perpetuating misleading/distorted information in the awakening community. I overcame this trap by mastering how to read subtle energy + intentions and filtering all external information through heart-based + logical intuition.

I am committed to an integration practice as I rise each day, by invoking my I Am presence and activating the 12D beam of Light that does not allow for imperfect thought-forms and negative entities to penetrate my auric field. I have discovered that Commands are important and effective in navigating the multidimensional field as an awakened Human.

So, what now?

I am coming into fuller understandings of who I am, how I'm designed, the colors of my galactic frequency, and what I came here to do— yet, I feel like, I still don't know what the fuck is going on... ?

I mean, I know more than I did before, but this journey is ridiculously humbling. And all I can do right now is write about it, because this is how I express my Self, as the Yellow Self-Existing Human. And maybe this is my cosmic purpose. Maybe these things that just happen without much effort, the things that just feel real good and aligned, are the reasons why we're here on Earth.

Maybe this flow of creative energy flowing through my physical being right now is the beginning of a beautiful adventure. I must be birthing something divine, because it feels orgasmic.

The collective deserves to experience bliss of explosive nature as we create. We are meant to have so much fun here, doing what we love, wholly in our bodies, uplifting the energy of the planet with our magical, self-generating technology that is our organic Self. Humans deserve so much more than what I see in this crumbling old realm.

We worry not, for the Light is pouring through so many of us beings here on Earth. We are channeling divine seeds and building the New Earth. We allow Love to encompass our entire being, around us and through us, as we anchor it into the ground.

Artists, musicians, writers, singers, film-makers, and all creatives of all walks of life are the Healers of the New Earth. We are the Revolutionaries, the Eternal Fire that is the spark of Life which fuels Creation.

We are creating a world where Creatives thrive, because our art heals humanity.

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