2023 “resolutions”


I often leave these until February because it offers more time to think up what I would hope to achieve. However, I have a head-start on this for 2023 as a result of a quieter christmas period. For the coming year I am wanting to do a few things:

Robust aims:-

Fluid aims:-

2022 review

I guess I should start with a review of the successes from my 2022 resolution.

A few good successes:

Conducted conversations in Gàidhlig, I was able to hold multiple conversations with multiple people. I am delighted by that!

Learning an instrument. I was given, kindly, a chanter to learn how to play that. So I have started learning!

Whilst not learning basic accounting, I have a greater handle on my finances, to the point I think this year can be a year where I am happy with them.

In progress

I am still trying to find a camera and/or telescope. I simply didn't have the funds to buy either in 2022 and I am hopeful I will in 2023! I have come across a small money-saving tip, which is to use CEX to get a 2nd hand camera in good condition for ~£100 less than other shops.

Creating greater opportunity to achieve flow states. I know how, I just need to create greater opportunity which feels attainable given I managed to enter them once or twice.