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ClearLinux and Gnome42

First time user experience of Clearlinux and a returning user of Gnome.


I've been looking at getting a new watch for a while now. I haven't used one for many years and, recently, have been realising the perils of checking my phone to see the time and the following time spent checking notifications etc., that come from just checking the time.

I had heard about the PineTime from when I was looking at a replacement laptop; the perenially out of stock Pinebook Pro. The watch, as was, was only available as a development unit and recently became available as a wearable watch. I have no development skills, resultantly I am using and writing this as an enthusiast. The time had come; watch was purchased.


This will be the last bit on #veganuary. It didn't end on a high note, as can be seen below.

It was definitely a worthwhile excercise, to participate, though not going 100% in on it. I like to think it is possible to do so in future. We will certainly be attempting to eat as closely to vegan diet as possible, as we were prior to this but, evidently, not as well as we could have.

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Making quick progress through #veganuary, forgotten just how far we're through January (now 25th). Time got away from me, so I didn't do as good a job recording dinners at all.

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I would like to find out more about their history, use and why they've fallen out of favour.

Maybe, this year, learn to make one. Though maybe not use it in the Beauly or Moray Firth.

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After a second week of trying out Veganuary, we slipped a little with a few non-vegan dishes slipping in. These two meals will likely follow through to our end approach to our meal-times. As much as we love vegan food, it doesn't work for us perfectly and have found, previously, that a meal or two per week that contains meat products works best.


Whilst not having resolutions per se, these are some things I'd like to achieve this year.

I am dubious about writing these out but I regularly lose or misplace my paper versions or the note on my laptop/phone. So, hopefully this'll act as a reminder when this year ends.


This month we are trying various dishes offered by Veganuary, either in the meal plans/cookbooks, in their daily e-mail or things we come across during our weekly shop.


My father gave me a flat-pack chicken-house as a present for Christmas. It is made of recycled industrial plastics and can house 5 birds.

This is a short build-through of the house in photos.