Hunting for Coins ——–) #RHT – the Interview ! ! !

As of January 2022, there are more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies in existence. Though many of these cryptos have little to no following or trading volume, some enjoy immense popularity among dedicated communities of backers and investors.

Whether we talk about coins that people just hold, stake, bond, lend, or do other stuff with, passive income has been a popular word among the crypto savvy investors. In this group of investors people talk about Nodes, APY, compounding, pools, a difficult world and if you already think shorting crypto is a bridge too far, this may be a challenging thing!

May people shill “their” investment as that may be the next Bitcoin (if you bought South of 100 dollar per Bitcoin), but there are pearls out there that have a lot of percentage gain possibilities, but you have to catch them in an early stage.

Being on Twitter, more than I should be, I started reading more and more about #RHT – Reward Hunters Token and I started to invest a little bit in it.

What did I hear ? ? ?

  1. Game on the blockchain
  2. Looks good
  3. Game is not out “we are early”
  4. Passive Income, when people BUY, but also when people SELL ! ! !

So, I pressed #RHT and did the search on Twitter, read about it, liked it and familiarised myself with the token with two great Bloggers:

Martin Valk – (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAQ8l3z3mESUTTF70fzWRoA) Minus Wells – (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UComuKg_4vhWpHgvsF-M0osg)

I watched the following two videos and it became clear to me:

https://youtu.be/giiMVfqvruE (Minus' Video)


https://youtu.be/Q5UkxW52bb4 (Martin's Video)

I wanted to know more about this “jewel”, so I reached out to the CEO and he was open for an interview, so let me bring you:

Leandro Baccari

XRPTwin: Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself where it all started, interest in blockchain, gaming?

Leandro: I am an entrepreneur in my country, I have been working with conventional investments for years, and 5 years ago I have defunct myself in the cryptocurrency market. When I bought my first Satoshi, bitcoin was $16k dollars if I'm not mistaken. In 2019 I learnt about Binance Smart Chain, and always had a different look at this universe, seeking clear financial opportunities but studying the behaviour of developers.

I started to “live” in this market daily, understanding the mistakes and successes of the projects where I got involved in, exchanging experiences with colleagues of this universe, was creating and consolidating my ideas as a developer. I am 32 years old, I went to 2 colleges and some business in Brazil. My first college was technology focused on the developed market and e-commerce administration.

Uniting all these factors, financial market experience, crypto market experience, professional experience and interest in this, I started planning my own project.

The funniest thing about the whole $RHT story is that when I started writing it, there was only Axie as a consolidated game in this segment and the token value was still $39 dollars; but even so, I used them as a reference, I created #rht logistics based on my interest in having a utility for my token.

XRPTwin: Can you tell us a bit about #RHT, how it started and about the team (could you please support this question with maybe a nice pic

Leandro: This answer is in addition to what I already wrote in the previous question. After defining the main ideas of the project, I called 2 colleagues to start the launch of the token, Henrique who made my contract and Thiago who owns a social networking management company and webdesign.

Today both provide service to the Project.

All the others involved, mostly are companies that I hired or are still hired.

I had the opportunity recently on our telegram channel to talk about it.

One of my experiences in this market made me realise that the more people involved in the project, the greater the risk of having a DUMP (sale of coins), because almost 99% of the time the remuneration of those involved in the project is based on the project's currency, and just like in any company, people turn off, resign or are fired, and in the case of the crypto universe, these people sell the token and harm the project, after that is done, the token loses confidence and hardly the rest of the team can gain confidence and the project tends to end (bankrupt).

This way when I decided to create RHT I preferred not to have people directly involved with tokens, so I contract professionals to perform what the project demands.

XRPTwin: Second Life, how has it impacted the Blockchain Industry, What is the Meta Verse doing for you? 

Leandro: I believe we are going through a new revolution of industry and our life.

We are getting closer and closer to living everything we dreamed of and seen in '90s movies. Reality increases and virtual reality is no longer new, but a virtual life based on some economic system where people from all over the world will be able to connect, this is really something revolutionary.

XRPTwin: Can you say a couple things about #RHT, and reflection through Buy, Sell Orders, playing the game and in-game buying?

Leandro: I decided to implement the Rewards system so that we could create real support in the project while we developed our games. This was the primary reason to implement Rewards.

Consequently, we have created a new concept of the PlayToEarn system, because in this way, we can bring not only interested in games, but also investors who will be able to invest, and benefit from all volume of buying and selling a game —–) #playtoearn.

So we have 04 pillars of gains in $RHT: 1. Rewards in BNB 2. PlayToEarn Game: based on daily tasks and scores for box exchange 3. Betting system: Short-lived championships where the prize is the total collected in $RHT 4. BOS League Championships

XRPTwin: So BOS, where does the story come from and is the project still following the roadmap?

Leandro: The BOS at the beginning , before our release, would be a MMORPG, and I as a developer, always informed my community that everything would start after the release of the token (July 27, 2021), but 03 days after launch our investors already asked for evolutions of the game, then we went through our first DIP, we launched the $RHT from 85k dollars, we had our first ATH at $320k and 3 days later we stayed at $37k, before that, I reinvented the first game so we created our Battle Royale, which will soon be expanded to the MMORPG (Metaverse)

XRPTwin: Did COVID speed up #RHT or did it slow down the building?

Leandro: We emerged in the middle of all this, I believe that just as the whole market was valued due to COVID, this new scenario has helped the evolution of the project.

XRPTwin: If #RHT hits Centralised Exchanges, how will the reward system work out. You think it might be a boundary for CEX’ to list your token?

Leandro: Every CEX is important for a token, it brings credibility and a lot of marketing to it, greater exposure of the project, but definitely, no CEX is prepared to support TOKENOMICS.

How do we intend to reverse this? As a requirement for the game is to have 10k tokens in the wallet and NFT to play, we will “compel” the migration to digital wallets and consumption of NFT, this will allow the transfers and payment of fees that feed the rewards system.

XRPTwin: Is the passive income, rewards, sustainable?

Leandro: Yes, because they are the result of the fees for buying and selling the token.

XRPTwin: Gaming till now has been 100% off-Blockchain ….. might be a little issue. How are you getting the players to take the leap, adapt?

Leandro: We have a special look at this, even because, our main user is off the blockchain, so some steps are and will be taken to be able to facilitate this migration of no-crypto gamers.

Buy $RHT using credit card; Buy NFT using credit card;

Some other measures will be taken, but we cannot reveal it yet.

XRPTwin: Regarding the previous question, what did you see lacking in the blockchain game industry that made you pursue building Reward Hunters?

Leandro: The concept of BOS is E-Sport Blockchain, this definitely does not exist on the blockchain. Exposing my personal opinion, most games are all the same, in the same logistics, changing only the concept of the art of the game.

XRPTwin: What are some of the challenges you foresee for #RHT and how are you going to tackle them.

Leandro: One of the biggest challenges was and continues to be to launch a concept of PlayToEan Game.

We are facing this with updates to our Beta, so the community and new investors will have the opportunity to see that what we are building is real.

XRPTwin: So what does the future hold, tournaments, in game advertising, brand sponsorships, tournaments, multi chain gaming?

Leandro: Without a doubt, that's our concept, ALL of them

XRPTwin: When was the last time you slept 9 hours a day?

Leandro: Hahahahaa,I like that.

XRPTwin: I like to end up with some one word questions … Can you comment on the following words:

Brasil – Gaming Industry Country NFT’s In Game Advertising XRP vs. the SEC (sorry, have to ask, it is in my name) CoinMarketCap RHT —) Yield, Staking, Lending

Leandro: Brazil – Country of the Gaming Industry We are a very competitive country, we have great schools and team of gamers around here, a gigantic market.

NFT's The property revolution.

In Game Advertising Great things are coming.

XRP vs. the SEC (sorry, have to ask, it's in my name) I Respect you 😉

CoinMarketCap You need to improve support.

RHT —) Income, Stake,

RENT Loan: NFT Stake: NFT

Thank you Leandro for answering all these questions, I know you are a busy man, so always nice you take the time to talk about your project.

Meanwhile, some new things happened to the coin. Of course the price went down, as Bitcoin “crashed” and the market has to build up again. Despite this Bitcoin action, some good news came out of the #RHT corner:

Leandro was able to get themselves a nice spot at the Brasil Game Show

Besides that, today, Monday, January 23rd the first Beta tournament of the game is going to start with the following players:

(changes may apply)

If you have not seen the game yet, there are some videos on the following channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnS-UWQaLJCEbqMz-9Wr0qQ

The latest one, that shows you the game more clearer looks to me the game is going to be an amazing one. If all goes well, the game will be released at the end of February 2022, next month. That is absolutely a scary thought I guess, if the game still needs some changes. Today is going to be an important day, the beta tournament is on the way and that is where, if flaws our found, updates need to be made.

As this is not financial advice and this blog is only for entertainment purposes only, I hold #RHT myself and I have NOT been paid to write this blog whatsoever. I have no stake in the company, did not receive NFT's and/ or #RHT tokens.

That said, there is also a giveaway tied to this blog! I am allowed to give away 4 prices:

  1. 15.000 #RHT Tokens and 1 NFT (simple)
  2. 10.000 #RHT Tokens and 1 NFT (simple)
  3. 5.000 #RHT Tokens and 1 NFT (simple)
  4. 1 NFT (simple)

What do you have to do for this?

You have to guess the price of #RHT in $$$ on February 10th CET End of Day.

The winner of this giveaway is sharing the price closest to the #RHT price on February 10th EOD (CET). Second, Third and Fourth with the closest answer after. If two are the same, I will use an “online price picker tool” to determine the winners.

You have to:

  1. Follow Leandro & Follow Reward Hunters Token
  2. Like the Tweet
  3. Retweet
  4. Reply your Answer (#RHT price in $$$) (replies in retweets won't be looked at) and add #RHT
  5. Add 4 friends

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Everybody, Stay Safe ! ! !