Futures Past


June 1st

Remember this moment

soft and full your child playing in the yard neighbors out on walks almost like the life we used to have

Remember this moment

a new world is being born with shouts of pain and blood and rage with sighs of exhaustion and tenuous hope

Remember this moment

as we wait to see if we cry tears of joy hearing the sweet sound of the world’s first breath holding its tender body safe in our arms

or if we cry out in sorrow for a future lost in stillborn tragedy

Remember this moment sunlight through teardrop leaves the chaotic refrain of a 4-year-old’s song

Remember this moment the touch of a hand laughter drifting by

Remember this moment it may be swallowed up in the end

#revolution #bookofpoems

Outside people rush to get their hair cut Like their overgrown and poorly-shorn-at-home locks are not a badge of perseverance or a mark of passage still unfinished

Crying out they rush ahead to the end when they are only just standing at the gates

#bookofpoems #quarantine #pandemic