Outbuilding Conversion – All You Need to Know About Outbuilding Service

We offer a transformative outbuilding conversion design service revolutionising your life, cleverly creating interiors to enhance your home with leading architectural designers.

The man shed is the butt of jokes but in reality, its a place for men to go to escape to when there just isn’t enough room in the house to get some peace. GBS is a residential architectural designer company and is frequently instructed to help design additional living space for families – this can be for any number of reasons. GBS has particular specialist experience with loft conversions in south London.

Some people might consider an extension or you could opt for another structure in the garden other than a shed. There are some fabulous shepherd’s huts and pods which can offer a workroom or home office away from the hustle and bustle of the house. GBS can advise you on whether or not you will need planning permission and if so, draw the architectural plans for the project.

Another popular option which can create more space offering potentially two or three rooms is a loft conversion. Even a small loft outbuilding conversion can create much more scope in a house that is bursting at the seams. A long and extensive loft can offer the potential for two or three new rooms and is cheaper than building an extension onto the side or back of the house. Loft conversions also don’t routinely require planning permission although you have to watch the style and dimension of some of the roof light windows as these can contravene regulations.

A garage can offer good conversion opportunities, generally, they are brick-built and attached to the house. A garage is not classified as an outbuilding if it is attached to the main house, if it is a totally separate structure like a shed or log cabin then it is deemed to be an outbuilding. This classification can make a difference when it comes to planning regulations.

For expert advice and guidance, visit and see what we can do for your building project.

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South London Architecture - Architectural Designers London

South London Architecture – we are a design led team of architectural designers in South London offering a seamless, holistic service committed to delivering a wide range of bespoke projects.

With a team of highly experienced and enthusiastic architectural designers in London, we at GBS create impactful projects with aesthetic integrity and an enduring design style.

We are a full planning consultancy providing the best architectural designs for residential projects across South London.

Through a perpetual exploration of holistic functions and vital components, we implement a transparent, thoughtful, and precise design process that promotes perfection and sustainability.

Our designers celebrate every client’s unique vision through context and on-going conversation to drive every one of our projects which is why we believe in the importance of having a collaborative approach.

We have a team of experienced architectural designers who play a pivotal role in leading technological design from concept through to completion.

working with us, you can expect a well-managed personable service.

Our architectural designers in London are truly committed to the mind-set that each element of design must contribute to the broader context with an ability to influence positive change to both our clients lives and the environment.

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Extension Architecture - Extensions London

Looking for Extension Architecture? GBS Architectural has a wealth of knowledge of extensions in South West London and a proven track record, call GBS Architectural today for a fee consultation on 020 3384 9464.

Extension Architecture

If you are looking to add value to your home or if you’ve outgrown the space you in live a home extension is the perfect solution to your needs. You will undoubtedly have seen the countless number of rear extensions popping on houses all over your local neighbourhood.

Extensions have become so popular that they have even started their own terminology in the industry – Extension Architecture . As a residential architectural designer, we are perfectly placed to help you get on your way.

The information below will help to answer a few simple questions such as: What is extension architecture? Can I have an extension at my home? Who can help me with my extension?

What is Extension Architecture?

The term extension architecture is relatively young in its use within the architectural industry, but it is certainly gaining more traction every year. In its rawest breakdown it is simply the process of designing and constructing extensions.

Due to the constraints of properties boundaries, the ever-growing need for more space and the spiralling cost of buying, moving, building a new home we are seeing more extensions being built than ever before.

With that comes the need for more professionals that handle this type of work and as such you will now see extension specialists that those that specialise in extension architecture.

It may seem like a simple idea, after all what can be so hard about designing an extension? Well as with all aspects of architecture understanding the project brief is vitally important in achieving an effective design and therefore a satisfied client.

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Loft Conversions Wimbledon | London | GBS Architectural

Looking for loft conversions in Wimbledon, London? At GBS Architectural, we ensure that every design avenue is pursued in our role as loft conversion specialists. Call GBS Architectural loft conversions Wimbledon specialist team today for a no-obligation chat on 020 3384 9464.


Rear loft extensions are considered permitted development providing they conform to the following:

The additional roof volume created should not exceed 40m3 for attached houses and 50m3 for detached semi-detached houses (the original house).

The additional roof construction must NOT exceed the existing height of the roof or the original house.

Any window on the side elevation must NOT be opening below 1.7m from the finished floor level and have obscured glazing.

The additional roof construction must be set back at least 200mm from the face of the external wall, distance measured along the roof plane.

Balconies, Verandas or raised platforms are NOT permitted

You may have seen numerous loft conversions in London and wondered whether your new build, or period, property could accommodate a loft conversion. When you bought your home, it might have seemed like the perfect size, but life can quickly change with the addition of children, and you may find yourself wondering if adding a room at the top of the house could prevent you from outgrowing your home.

New Build Loft Conversion

Due to the construction methods used for new build homes compared to older properties, adding a loft conversion can be more challenging. This is why you will want to work with an architectural designer, such as GBS Architectural, to guide you through the process. It is likely that steels will be required to convert your loft to ensure the roof remains adequately supported.

Once you have decided to convert your loft, you want to make the most of the room you create. At GBS Architectural, we ensure that every design avenue is pursued in our role as loft conversion specialist. When you work with us, you can be assured that your design will be anything but dull. We take into consideration your space requirements, taste and the functionality you have been dreaming of.

Functional Design

Whilst many people think a loft conversion simply adds a bedroom, the space that you create can be used for whatever you desire. Living rooms, games rooms, libraries and galleries can all be created in your unused loft, adding another dimension to your home.

We work carefully on every design to ensure that a loft extension is both visually appealing and functional. Built in storage, space for an en suite, and the addition of dormers all ensure you can use the space within your loft to its full potential. Value

Although you may not be trying to add value to your home, adding an additional room is likely to have an effect on what your house is worth. Our architectural designers can offer advice on how your plans might be viewed by estate agents or prospective buyers.

To speak to a member of our loft conversion specialist team, call GBS Architectural today for a no-obligation chat on 020 3384 9464.

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Residential Architectural Designer – Home Architectural Designer

Looking for a residential architectural designer in South London? GBS Architectural can help with all aspects of your property renovation from concept through planning and to completion

People and Housing go hand in hand with one another, where you will find people, you’ll find housing and vice versa. Understanding the unbreakable bond between these two pillars is key to ensuring a successful architectural project. It is the role of the residential architectural designer to ensure that this fundamental aspect is maintained through out every stage of the process.

What is a Residential Architectural Designer?

It may seem obvious, but we are asked this all the time, it can be quite a difficult question to answer because the nature of our work is that the deliverables such as drawings for planning permission or for building control submission can look similar to other practises.

A residential architectural designer is in the simplest terms an architectural designer that specializes in residential projects. They have a clear understanding of what makes residential design effective and how to ensure that a client’s brief is maximised whilst also ensuring that the project remains within a proposed budget.

Similar to an architectural designer they will produce all drawings required for your residential project whilst also handling all the aspects in between such as planning submissions and liaising with other third-party professionals.

What sets an architectural designer apart from a residential architectural designer is that they know the exact processes and constraints that will be applied to your project externally from your local authority or building control officer and blend this with a level of experience and knowledge of residential design that will allow your project to maximise its potential.

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Loft Conversions South London – Loft Conversion Ideas & Advantages

Detailed blog of loft conversion ideas advantages for your South London property, it's great way to revitalise your home, adding value increasing your space with loft conversions.

Advantages of a Loft Conversion for your South London Property

You will no doubt have seen countless Loft Conversions South London out and about within your local and wider neighbourhood. In fact, they are so common these days that we challenge anyone to find us a residential street in a London postcode that hasn’t had some form of loft conversion. Since there are permitted development rights available for loft conversions, they are easily one of the most common project types that we handle.

Whether it’s a new master bedroom with en-suite, a home office, or even a cinema room the possibilities for what a loft conversion can offer you almost endless. As architectural designers in London we are perfectly placed to offer you loft conversion ideas and advice. But what are the advantages of a loft conversion to you? L.E.A.V.E.S is the answer, you might be thinking what have plants got to do with my attic space? Take a read below and all will be quite clear.

natural resource and put it to great use. Natural light has many benefits such as improving overall mental and physical health as well as improving sleep quality. Depending on the use of the room it will also be an advantage in reducing eye strain and potential headaches which can be an effect of poor light or overuse of artificial lighting. We have plenty of loft conversion ideas that will look to maximise the use of natural light coming into your loft conversion and into other areas of the house using clever design features to direct it towards more needed areas.

Moving home is without a doubt far more complicated than having a loft conversion done to your property. The endless list of considerations such as solicitors’ fees, surveying fees, moving logistics, change in commute and potentially changing your children’s school is enough to put the idea in the bin, and that’s all before the hardest part, actually finding the new home that you want.

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Architectural Design London – House Extensions South London

Architectural design London, house extensions South London – Bespoke residential architectural design services with planning, building regulations drawings, consulting project management.

Architectural Design Services – House Extensions Services for Residential Clients in London.

We offer the full range of architectural design services within the residential architectural sector in London. Whether you need a design drawing for planning permission or technical drawings for building control approval we can assist you. We love to be involved in any type of project if you’re looking for multiple house extensions or a new outbuilding our team is the perfect choice. Our aim is to make what could be a complex process simple by acting as your single point of contact through the entire process.

Your Kind of Architecture is GBS Architectural

Here at GBS we believe we do it a little differently than others in the industry, we put you the client at the centre of our approach to any project. This client-centric approach ensures that your brief is met in full, leaving you with a positive experience with what could be a stressful process. Whether you are looking to extend your house to add a larger kitchen with a dayroom or to develop a site to maximise its financial potential our talented team will be able to deliver.

Offering services from project inception through to project management we will tailor our involvement to align ourselves with exactly what you need. GBS builds its project holistically, this means that even during the initial conversation with you we are already thinking about how this would be delivered in physical form, ensuring that any issues are highlighted, costs are controlled, and timeframes are adhered to. We hope we can share this with you, feel free to give us a call or pop in for a coffee.

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How Long Does Planning Permission Last?

If you have planning approval for an extension or other project, or if you have bought a plot of land that has planning permission to build upon it such a new house you probably have a couple of questions on your mind.

You may be thinking one of the following: how long does planning permission last? Is there anything that can be done to stop planning permission from expiring before you are ready to start your project? If your planning permission has run out, have you got to start the whole process again?

Rest assured we get asked these questions all the time and, in this article, we’re going to do what we do best, take the complexity out of these questions and provide simple answers.