Third month for gFam

Hello hello!

We've been sharing the various statistics and analytics for the gFam platform while we've been up and running. Here is:

💙 First month for gFam

💙 Second month for gFam

We're going to include some stats from Pinterest and Instagram to measure progress, which we've recently started using after Riley's excellent post.

The second month for gFam had 494 users, so we're more trending slightly downwards...

We're not worried about that... we're still very much a word of mouth platform at this point, and social media takes a little bit to get going...

gFam is Coil-enabled... and so from those 284 users that are Coil Subscribers, gFam has raised 220.3 XRP so far... that's an increase of 61 XRP over the month.

We're expecting this to decrease dramatically now that gFam is Coil-enabled for the creators as well... so Coil creators will receive micropayments from Coil Subscribers for the time spent on their gFam content.

This is a graph of our active users since we started. It's honestly pretty identical to the previous months.

This post of NickelNDime is still the most popular post of all time with 56 views, 2 comments and 34 XRP tipped.

Obviously featuring this post last month didn't hurt it's popularity at all.... or Nick is just extremely popular.

Mobile is absolutely crushing it on gFam... up from 63%.

This is where the traffic from gFam comes from:

Direct has shrunk from 57%, which is people accessing the site from URL or bookmarks, etc.

Referrals went up 4%, which was all because of this award that we're currently in the running for:

HackerNoon's Noonies 2020 : Best Web Monetization Innovator

We'd absolutely love your vote.

Please log in with your Google account – it gives you a +10 vote instead of a +1 vote. Thanks so much!

36% of our referral traffic came from that link above.

Social (green segment in the pie chart) went up 10%, which is awesome because we've been spending a lot of time there.

Twitter was 94% last month but now Instagram has crawling out a tiny portion...

We hadn't really paid much attention to social media previously, so we don't know about our growth, but here is where we're at today:




We've got analytics set up for Pinterest

Honestly, 2 link clicks is crazy low for 2,345 impressions.

0.08% doesn't feel like a great success rate for the effort of creating 47 pins, but we'll keep it going for a little bit longer. We assume that Pinterest is a numbers game.

Not that Coil is a social media, but it makes sense to track that too...

We've written 98 Coil posts to date, with votes ranging from 2 to 19... which an average of about 8 votes.

Here are the general user analytics for gFam.

Users, Sessions and Pageviews are all down from last month and the bounce rate is higher... so we're less sticky and less novelty than we were... however the percentage of Returning Visitor is higher (it was 27%) which means we have an increasing committed group of users that we really enjoy.

We're not stressed at all by the decreasing analytics. We're still very much building the site out and haven't spent anything on marketing or advertising. We want to make sure the site is pretty solid before a big push to gain more users and traffic.

First impressions count...


Please note that gFam does not retain any user data at all. All the stats above are anonymous, and the only data we retain on our users is their userid, e-mail and the Xumm address. The e-mail address is only for password resets. E-mail spam is the absolute worst.

Obviously we have nothing to on-sell to 3rd parties like the majority of social media platforms. Traditional social media platforms should pay you if they're making money off your data, or using your content to get views for their advertisers. Take back your data!