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6920 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33637 $2 entrance per car Website Quote from mom: “Are they growing lettuce here?”

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Lettuce Lake Park but here are three to get you started and pumped up to check out this 240-acre conservation area:

1. See some wildlife

We spotted a couple of gators while walking along the Boardwalk.

Mid-size gator Please be careful! Don't drop your mask on the water.... Baby gators basking in the sun

2. Surf and turf

You can enjoy activities in both land and on water. If you are a water person, you can rent a kayak, SUP or a canoe and enjoy paddling along the Hillsborough River. If you enjoy walking, you can choose from several trails within the park. We did a combination of the Hammock and Boardwalk trails, which is around 2.1 miles in total. Click here for the map.

Canoeing at Lettuce Lake Park

3. Experiencing a mixture of seasons

I don't mean extreme changes in temperature but rather visual experience of different seasons. We saw winter, spring, fall, and of course, living in Florida, it certainly looks/ feels like summer all the time.

Winter feel Autumn colors Blossoming Spring

Miami Beach River and I land paddling in Miami Beach

I gave away my skateboard (named River) to a friend who I know will use it well. For years, River has been my companion – together we cruised around new places and made acquaintances along the way.

Giving my skateboard away is like letting go of my youth and officially entering adulthood. I no longer have time to take River out for a stroll and even if I do, I can no longer ride it with ease as I get more conscious about the stigma towards skateboarders.

A similar stigma is true for bus riders as well. How did judging people based on their preferred mode of mobility become so embedded in our society?

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Washington Square Park View Bicycle Diaries – NYC gallery

Of all the attractions NYC has to offer, Washington Square Park remains as one of my favorites. It is just so full of life – a space where both strangers and familiar people connect via a game, music, or the arts. Indeed the best things in life are free, and the city can facilitate for such experience to occur by providing welcoming communal spaces where social activities thrive.

Thank you, Jane Jacobs, for fighting for this gem of a park. Just imagine, if Robert Moses won the battle, this space would have been an expressway packed with cars!

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