Cosmic Voyage

My friend Tomasino is hosting a Science Fiction writing project so, of course, I joined.

It is called Cosmic Voyage and it is the annals of the human diaspora into the galaxy told in text files. Here's the background.

Humanity has expanded to the stars. Earth is a distant memory. We journey into the darkness not in a great migration--as many thought--but in small communities, drifting far and traveling at relativistic speeds, dividing from each other by unfathomable distance and time. Our only connections are the thin tethers of the Quantum Entanglement Communicator (QEC). These precarious devices bridge the vast distances with near-instantaneous communication, but provide only enough bandwidth to the ancient relay hub for simple, plain-text messaging.

My ship is the Space Beagle and my protagonist, E. Grosvenor, is a Nexialist. (hat tip to A.E. VanVogt) I am not sure exactly what lies ahead but I am sure that bug eyed monsters and other dangerous aliens will be involved.

So fun!

There are many other ships communicating with the SOL System and each other using the Quantum Entanglement Communicator. So I have a lot to learn about mankinds greatest adventure, the journey to the stars, all in plaintext.

Here's the link.