Jazz Picnic Wednesday, May 29 at 6:00 pm

It’s a Jazz Picnic with Bebop Beatniks at Brookland Methodist Church. Music, Games, and Food. Everyone is welcome. Bring a dish if you want. Starts at 6:00 pm.


Bebop Beatniks at ASU Farmers Market on Saturday, May 18

9:00 AM. Bebop Beatniks return to the Farmers Market for more great jazz music. Come for the food. Come for the music. Come for the vibe. See you there.


Mini Zines

My son Carl has a podcast about DnD called The Dungeon Show and his guest last night was Hobbs from Hobbs and Friends. Turns out besides podcasts and youtubes Hobbs does a zine and it’s a print zine not a webzine but distributed over the internet as a pdf. So he can deliver them in person or at a convention or sell them as pdfs on Drive Through RPG.

Well, my gears got turning and I found this cool way to make a print zine from a single piece of paper printed on one side on wikibooks. I’ve got one completed, my story “Driven” from SFF Short Stories. I’m working on “I Dreamed That I Woke Up” and I have some other concepts circling around between my ears like a coloring book or a one off DnD quest.

I’ve got the “Driven” Mini Zine available as a pdf here.


It’s a free download and the story is CC BY. It’s a good story, moody with a special ending. Here’s the story on my website, SFF Short Stories.


There's a picture and more links over at MixRemix.


Exceptional Creative Commons Remix Show

I'm listening now on MixRemix Radio at


I've archive the show here


and here.


Free streaming and download. All with permission because Creative Commons!

My blurb about this show.

Sometimes serendipity rules. This playlist was generated randomly from the MixRemix Radio Creative Commons Library. Fantastic Remix with jazz and experimental vocals and instrumentals.


Jeremiah and Friends at The Edge today 3:00 to 5:00 pm

It's Star Wars day, May the 4th, and we'll be recreating the bar in Tatooine at The Edge Coffeehouse this afternoon. Bring your light sabers, cosplay encouraged.

This is our send off for Jeremiah Page who is graduating this term and headed back home after graduation. So come and party with Jeremiah and Friends, guest musicians welcome.

Go Ahead John – Miles Davis, John McLaughlin

If you love Miles Davis and “Tribute To Jack Johnson” you will love this song, “Go Ahead John” from Miles “Big Fun” album. It's a quintet without keys produced by Teo Macero who used state of the art (for 1970) electronics effects.

More info on this incredible album here. (

And you can download “Big Fun” at the library using the Freegal service.

Big Music Weekend

Last night I sang “Mean To Me” with an ASU Big Band at The Fowler Center. Tonight I'll be attending Caitlyn Lyerly's flute recital at the Fine Arts Recital Hall. Saturday afternoon is The Arkansas Roots Festival at CWL Park.

Then Saturday at 7:00 PM we have our third and final New Jazz In Jonesboro program for this term in the Round Room at the Jonesboro Public Library. Featuring Suzanne Michell and Fred Wilson from Little Rock as well as the New Jazz House Band, NJHB, it's sure to be a great show. Come to listen or come to play with NJHB, guest musicians and composers are welcome.

Sunday morning I'm singing in the choir.

And I'm sure there's a lot of other great music in Jonesboro this weekend, including Godspell at the Fowler Center. It's a Big Music Weekend. At least it will be for me.



“Godspell,” based upon the Gospel of Matthew, uses music, dance, comedy and magic to illustrate the parables of Jesus Christ, as well as the story of the last supper and crucifixion. The original production of “Godspell” enjoyed over 2,700 performances in its New York run and has remained one of the world’s most beloved musicals for more than 40 years. Performances are Friday and Saturday, April 12-13, and Tuesday and Wednesday, April 16-17, at 7:30 p.m. in Drama Theatre, located in Fowler Center on the university campus. A matinee performance will be Sunday, April 14, at 2 p.m.

Bebop Beatniks Live at The Edge on April 6, 2019


Recordings and photos from our Bebop Beatniks gig On the Porch at The Edge last Saturday. It was a blast.

Free Culture Mix April 7, 2019 on MixRemix Radio

Mix Remix Radio Free Culture Mix Aoril 7, 2019

MixRemix Radio can be heard at

Sometimes serendipity rules. This playlist was generated randomly from the MixRemix Radio Free Culture Library. This is a light Free Culture Mix with pop and jazz vocals and some spaced out synthesizer work.

Since all the music is Free Culture it is fine to post the songs with attribution. Here's a list of the albums these songs were drawn from including the duration of the album, the link, and the license. Each song also includes attribution in the filename. Free streaming. Free to download and share. Also these songs are available to use in your project. Check the license for songs you are interested in reusing. They are all CC0, CC BY, or CC BY-SA.

Album list

27:26 What Is Love by Melanie Ungar ( CC BY

41:26 Sans gene ni oxygene by Law' ( CC BY-SA

24:24 Sele by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA

21:25 Directionless EP by Broke For Free ( CC BY

24:08 MUL / DIV by Andy G. Cohen ( CC BY

21:34 Adventures by madelyniris ( CC BY

Song list

01-01 – Melanie Ungar – What Is Love.mp3 02-08 – Law_ – Mon male original.mp3 03-Jahzzar – Sele – 09 Xmas Carol.mp3 04-Broke For Free – Directionless EP – 01 Night Owl.mp3 05-Jahzzar – Sele – 10 The Next Day.mp3 06-01 – Law_ – Les files dattente.mp3 07-AndyGCohen-03-OxygenMask.mp3 08-madelyniris – adventures – 03 street signs and white lies.mp3 09-madelyniris – adventures – 02 ghost.mp3 10-07 – Law_ – DO YA.mp3 11-03 – Melanie Ungar – Deeper For You.mp3 12-Jahzzar – Sele – 05 Avientu.mp3 13-06 – Law_ – Terre de couleurs.mp3 14-02 – Law_ – Une etincelle.mp3 15-11 – Law_ – Les saisons.mp3 16-Broke For Free – Directionless EP – 04 My Luck.mp3 17-madelyniris – adventures – 01 leave and never look back.mp3 18-12 – Law_ – Sisi wote ni watoto.mp3 19-AndyGCohen-02-LandLegs.mp3 20-AndyGCohen-05-APerceptibleShift.mp3 21-AndyGCohen-07-BathedinFineDust.mp3 22-05 – Melanie Ungar – Open.mp3 23-AndyGCohen-04-Xi.mp3 24-10 – Law_ – Mere nature.mp3 25-AndyGCohen-01-Piscoid.mp3 26-Jahzzar – Sele – 03 Snowman.mp3 27-04 – Melanie Ungar – One Day.mp3 28-madelyniris – adventures – 04 let's restart.mp3 29-03 – Law_ – Talons aiguilles.mp3 30-Jahzzar – Sele – 04 Good Night.mp3 31-Jahzzar – Sele – 07 Clap Your Hands.mp3 32-05 – Law_ – Des espoirs.mp3 33-09 – Law_ – Je laime.mp3 34-02 – Melanie Ungar – Madly, Deeply.mp3 35-madelyniris – adventures – 05 adventure.mp3 36-Jahzzar – Sele – 06 #1 Wish.mp3 37-AndyGCohen-06-SpaceFull.mp3 38-07-MelanieUngar-MadlyDeeplyacoustic.mp3 39-Broke For Free – Directionless EP – 03 Day Bird.mp3 40-Jahzzar – Sele – 08 Playtime.mp3 41-Jahzzar – Sele – 02 Family Tree.mp3 42-Broke For Free – Directionless EP – 05 Mell's Parade.mp3 43-Broke For Free – Directionless EP – 06 Only Instrumental.mp3 44-06 – Melanie Ungar – Lets Start Again.mp3 45-AndyGCohen-10-Warmer.mp3

Mix Remix Radio – Creative Commons Remix – April 6, 2019

MixRemix Radio can be heard at

Sometimes serendipity rules. This playlist was generated randomly from the MixRemix Radio Creative Commons Library. This mix is mostly jazz so definitely one of my favorites.

Since all the music is Creative Commons it is fine to post the songs with attribution. Here's a list of the albums these songs were drawn from including the duration of the album, the link, and the license. Each song also includes attribution in the filename. Free streaming. Free to download and share.

Album list

27:05 Timezone LaFontaine – Graveyard Shift / Papa Made Out Like a Bandit ( CC BY-NC-SA

31:33 Yeah Whatever by Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet ( CC BY-NC-ND

32:29 Kai Engel – Calls and Echoes (LP, 2014) [SCL115] by Kai Engel ( CC BY-NC-SA

40:17 [SCL159] Pk jazz Collective — The Farewell ( CC BY-NC-SA

29:57 Looking for a Way Out – Paolo Pavan ( CC BY-NC-SA

Song list

01-02-PapaMadeOutLikeaBandit9LivesRemix.mp3 02-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 07 My Delight (Alternate Take).mp3 03-KaiEngel-07-Phantasm.mp3 04-KaiEngel-08-WhentheLightsCameOn.mp3 05-PkjazzCollective02-DontWantYouToBeMine.mp3 06-01-GraveyardShiftFortunaRemix.mp3 07-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 03 My Delight.mp3 08-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 05 Blue Room.mp3 09-KaiEngel-01-Prologue.mp3 10-06-395294-Paolo Pavan-Slow change.mp3 11-KaiEngel-05-VintageFrames.mp3 12-PkjazzCollective08-MaggieMGill.mp3 13-KaiEngel-03-Fairytale.mp3 14-04-395290-Paolo Pavan-Third.mp3 15-04-PapaMadeOutLikeABanditAlbumVersion.mp3 16-PkjazzCollective06-StickyFingers.mp3 17-PkjazzCollective09-LookIntoMyEyes.mp3 18-PkjazzCollective04-KindheartedWoman.mp3 19-01-395291-Paolo Pavan-Looking for a way out.mp3 20-KaiEngel-02-CallsandEchoes.mp3 21-02-395293-Paolo Pavan-Second.mp3 22-03-395289-Paolo Pavan-In praise of Honey Rose.mp3 23-PkjazzCollective10-LoveInVain.mp3 24-05-395292-Paolo Pavan-Pablitos Way.mp3 25-PkjazzCollective03-FeelTheSorrowOfTomorrow.mp3 26-03-GraveyardShiftAlbumVersion.mp3 27-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 02 Blue Silver.mp3 28-PkjazzCollective01-Desert.mp3 29-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 04 Afro Paris.mp3 30-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 01 Yardbird Suite.mp3 31-KaiEngel-04-Raining.mp3 32-PkjazzCollective07-LosingMyLife.mp3 33-KaiEngel-06-TheFlamesofRome.mp3 34-KaiEngel-09-EmbracingtheSunrise.mp3 35-PkjazzCollective05-BirdInACage.mp3 36-Yeah Whatever Jazz Sextet – Yeah Whatever – 06 Yardbird Suite (Alternate Take).mp3