New Jazz In Jonesboro

Saturday, November 2 – 7:00 pm in the round room at the Jonesboro Public Library. Please use the outside entrance.

Cluster Funk NJHB

Everyone is welcome to play with NJHB. Free and open to the public. Bring your friends.

Coffee and Cookies.


Gamer+ News October 21, 2019

NEA Game Fest 2019 raised $5,418.72! Thanks to all who came out and supported The Children's Shelter!


Egyptian miniatures made of wood 3,500 years ago. I think they are brewing beer.


CarlHeyl comments, “My old school minis don't feel so old school now.”

FollowMeAndDie posts “A good overview for what is the OSR. Presented in a way that should appeal to new RPGers and those who only know 5e. He limits Old School to D&D and omits all the other games from back in the day that had a similar quick style of play. Or games that started back then that may not be simple rules. AKA Nostalgia.”


ZDL posts Chinese playing cards. “This is my second, believe it or not, 100% hand-made deck of playing cards.”


Please welcome DualClassic to Gamer+. Invite your friends. Help us grow.

Thanks, hairylarry


Bebop Beatniks Schedule:

Saturday, September 21 at 9:00 AM – Bebop Beatniks and Friends at the ASU Farmers Market near Aggie Rd. and Red Wolf Blvd.

Monday, September 30 at 6:00 PM – Bebop Beatniks at The Crossing, 101 S Pruett, Paragould, AR. Taste Of The Ridge Festival.

Saturday, November 2 at 7:00 PM – Bebop Beatniks at New Jazz In Jonesboro in the Round Room at the Jonesboro Public Library.

We will be recording with Matt Lucas in October!


October 10-12 King Biscuit Blues Festival

Friday at 3:00 PM – Delta Legends at the Cedell Davis Stage – come early because we may start early.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 9:00 AM – The Emporium Orkestra at Downtown Bar and Grill, 520B Walnut St, Helena, AR.

Saturday only Jazz Buskers will join the Emporium Orkestra before taking it to the streets and the campground.

Saturday, November 30 at 7:00 PM – Cluster Funk and NJHB will play at New Jazz In Jonesboro in the Round Room at the Jonesboro Public Library.


Ken Carroll Quartet – (

Matt Lucas – Musician's Blues – (

Bebop Beatniks – Leaves – (

Delta Legends – Two Woman Blues – (

Off topic:

Do you like to play games? My son, Carl, and I have started a social network for gamers called Gamer+.


I'm the webmaster and Gamer+ has been my hobby project for the last several months. I'm pleased with how it is working. We have some fantastic gamers posting, some of them real old school, like me. Well worth a visit. You don't have to join to browse and it is free to join if you want to participate.

Send me an email. I want to know what you're doing. I will promote your shows/events/etc on Delta Boogie and my other websites.

Thanks, Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News September 2, 2019

Ok, on Inspired Unreality tonight we will be recording the Related To Geeks podcast, a podcast about a geeky family. So most of you know Carl and Hairy Larry. There's more of us. Lot's more. And we're all gamers. Vivian and I raised our kids right.

After The Geek Agenda we will discuss The Geek Topic which is “Winging It” tonight. Everyone is welcome to join the chat during The Geek Topic. Then we will stop recording and have our regular open game chat where everyone can talk about whatever they want to.

Inspired Unreality is Monday, September 2, at 9:00 PM Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you are not a member you can go to for a link.

JesseQ posted some info about Watch2Gether in a post he wrote about online role playing. So I checked it out and set up a Gamer+ Watch2Gether channel where you can go with other gamers and watch the same video at the same time even if you're not in the same country.


FollowMeAndDie posted a link to all four games from the Extra Life fundraiser at the Gygax house.


I also added these videos to the queue at the Gamer+ Watch2Gether. Maybe we can set up a viewing session where we can watch a game and chat about it.

Frylock finished his 3 part series on fantasy games, copyrights, and the OGL. This is a substantial piece of work and has spurred much discussion. You can read it on his blog, Frylock's Gaming & Geekery.


In case you haven't figured it out yet, gamers on Gamer+ do stuff. So if you're doing stuff post it on Gamer+. Because we want to know what you're doing.

Thanks, Hairy Larry

Gamer+ News, August 12, 2019

We have a guest tonight on Inspired Unreality, Caeora is a fantasy artist and mapmaker who has been working on Dungeonfog's Project Deios. We are going to have Ask Me Anything (about gaming) followed by our usual open game chat. Inspired Unreality starts at 9:00 PM, Central Time at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord.

Our ranks continue to grow. We now have over 70 gamers on Gamer+. And I've got to tell you, we are mostly creators including writers, artists, vloggers, and podcasters.

We have added gamer RSS feeds and homepage links for their blogs, podcasts, video channels, chat, actual play... You will see this in the footer on every page. The real gem is the “View last 60 items here” link. This updates more quickly than the FeedGrabbr scroll and it has the actual posts with pics and videos included.

And at the bottom of your profile page there is a tool to help you link to your profile page on Gamer+. Your audience wants to read your profile and they may stick around and join.

The final piece of news this week is that starting Monday, August 2, Inspired Unreality will host the Related To Geeks podcast, the podcast of a geeky family. We will discuss The Geek Topic and then go into open game chat. Everyone is welcome to participate. We are planning on making this a monthly event.

Please comment below or if you are reading this in your email here's the link.



Jazz Picnic Wednesday, May 29 at 6:00 pm

It’s a Jazz Picnic with Bebop Beatniks at Brookland Methodist Church. Music, Games, and Food. Everyone is welcome. Bring a dish if you want. Starts at 6:00 pm.


Bebop Beatniks at ASU Farmers Market on Saturday, May 18

9:00 AM. Bebop Beatniks return to the Farmers Market for more great jazz music. Come for the food. Come for the music. Come for the vibe. See you there.


Mini Zines

My son Carl has a podcast about DnD called The Dungeon Show and his guest last night was Hobbs from Hobbs and Friends. Turns out besides podcasts and youtubes Hobbs does a zine and it’s a print zine not a webzine but distributed over the internet as a pdf. So he can deliver them in person or at a convention or sell them as pdfs on Drive Through RPG.

Well, my gears got turning and I found this cool way to make a print zine from a single piece of paper printed on one side on wikibooks. I’ve got one completed, my story “Driven” from SFF Short Stories. I’m working on “I Dreamed That I Woke Up” and I have some other concepts circling around between my ears like a coloring book or a one off DnD quest.

I’ve got the “Driven” Mini Zine available as a pdf here.


It’s a free download and the story is CC BY. It’s a good story, moody with a special ending. Here’s the story on my website, SFF Short Stories.


There's a picture and more links over at MixRemix.


Exceptional Creative Commons Remix Show

I'm listening now on MixRemix Radio at


I've archive the show here


and here.


Free streaming and download. All with permission because Creative Commons!

My blurb about this show.

Sometimes serendipity rules. This playlist was generated randomly from the MixRemix Radio Creative Commons Library. Fantastic Remix with jazz and experimental vocals and instrumentals.


Jeremiah and Friends at The Edge today 3:00 to 5:00 pm

It's Star Wars day, May the 4th, and we'll be recreating the bar in Tatooine at The Edge Coffeehouse this afternoon. Bring your light sabers, cosplay encouraged.

This is our send off for Jeremiah Page who is graduating this term and headed back home after graduation. So come and party with Jeremiah and Friends, guest musicians welcome.