Free Culture Mix October 28, 2020 by DJ Hairy Larry for MixRemix Radio

Mix Remix Radio Free Culture Mix October 28, 2020

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Sometimes serendipity rules. This playlist was generated randomly from the MixRemix Radio Free Culture Library. This is a cool mix of jazz, free jazz, and vocals in a variety of styles, all clean and shiny.

Since all the music is Free Culture it is fine to post the songs with attribution. Here's a list of the albums these songs were drawn from including the duration of the album, the link, and the license. Each song also includes attribution in the filename. Free streaming. Free to download and share. Also these songs are available to use in your project. Check the license for songs you are interested in reusing. They are all CC0, CC BY, or CC BY-SA.

Album list

41:26 Sans gene ni oxygene by Law' ( CC BY-SA

16:27 Jazzrovers by Starrover ( CC BY

53:51 The Lloyd Rodgers Group: 13 by Lloyd Rodgers ( CC0

13:09 Conway Hambone – Conway Hambone Vol 1 EP ( CC BY

26:39 Hold On (I'm Comin' Home) by Three Man Soul Machine ( CC BY-SA

35:27 Jazz Recital Band Live at Brookland United Methodist Church on 2018-02-28 ( CC BY

50:05 Moonxine by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA