I played at the Johnny Cash Heritage Festival.

I know, you double checked and I wasn't on the bill. But the Zyndall Wayne Raney Band was playing so I took my harmonicas. First thing Doug Greeno asked me was “Did you bring your harps?” I've been sitting in with these guys since way back when they were Jeannie and The Guys. It always pays to be prepared.

I thought Doug would invite me up to play “All Over Again”, one of his favorite blues songs. I even had my G harp out and ready. But instead when Marcus kicked off a blues Doug told me I might as well come on up. They kept calling out keys so I kept playing. I think I played half the set. When they closed the show featuring Mike Geo on “Wipeout” I figured they didn't need me anymore and I went back to partying out front.

I got to tell you how good these guys are. They had fans come from Nebraska to hear them. That's a good long trip to hear some music. Of course, they stayed for the whole festival. But they heard them last year and they told me the reason they came back was to hear the Zyndall Wayne Raney Band play again.

They still have the big Johnny Cash Heritage Festival show this afternoon and I'm sure it will be great. KASU presented music in the Dyess Community Circle, nine bands on Thursday and Friday nights. Both nights were great. Every act was memorable. I got it all recorded on my Zoom H6. I'll know later today how the tapes came out. I have confidence that you will be hearing music from this festival on Arkansas Roots, Something Blue, and 6 Degrees Of The Delta.

Here's the link to the schedule.