What’s a Digital Twin and how we help you to transform

Digital twin solution for smart park

What is a digital twin? It’s a virtual replica/representation (generally 3d-model) of physical devices, process, system, or service. It could be buildings, factories, and even cities.

Digital Twin Example:

Before the introduction of this concept, manufacturing companies used to create virtual models using CAD tools followed by converting this virtual model into an actual physical object. Then, they just discard or archive the virtual object. With the digital twin concept, that virtual model is no longer discarded, rather, it is connected to the physical object so that we can collect real-time data sourced from those smart sensors through physical objects. Data about object status, working condition, or position being integrated with a physical item, etc. All this data is sent back to the digital twin and their interaction can help optimize the product’s performance.

industry simulation

For instance, sensors might detect when a car’s engine oil needs changing and the car’s digital twin will have an overlay image indicating the new information, which can appear on the owner’s device or the manufacturer’s system. Therefore, using this real-time data enables us to understand, learn, reason, and real-time optimization.

Digital Twin Benefits:

Real-time data monitoring

So how Hightopo came in to help you with the digital transformation?

One of the most common uses for digital twins is the dashboards.

Hightopo provides anything from basic to advanced intelligent dashboards, the exceptional value of our solutions are in the engineering subject matter detail and embedded IT expertise. Our web-based solution allows the capability of merging into whatever our client’s preferred system is. As the feature to be light-weight, easy-to-use, cross-platform, fully-interactive, our digital twin solutions are most ideal for small-medium factories, industry organizations.

3d model — engine

What makes us special and what benefits you would gain?