My first bad experience while hitchhiking

I have been travelling and #hitchhiking for a while now. Nothing bad had ever happened to me on my travels. Until recently.


Hitchhiking and language learning

Many people hitchhike. It's nothing too special. And the main reasons for doing it are quite obvious I guess: It is exciting. You meet new and very different people. You don't pollute the planet. You don't have to spend money. You have someone to talk to while doing distances. Or you just enjoy the general randomness that accompanies #hitchhiking . All of these aspects are really great. But one big benefit is often neglected or highly underestimated: The option to learn and practice a foreign language.


This is going to be my first try to give a more or less coherent picture of #hitchhiking with a folding bike.

I am sure that there are thousands (probably millions) of people who have been thinking about taking a folding bike on their hitchhiking adventures. But never did. Because, like me, they didn't find a lot of inspiring information or experiences shared online (there is a bit of information on hitchwiki). Little information makes it difficult to estimate how much fun #hitchbiking is. This short video might give you a nice first idea: https://peertube.mastodon.host/videos/watch/8c8f03f1-d5a4-4005-ada8-ebc896136d38 (Spoiler: it is a lot of fun!)