Hummingcrow & Co.

Kate   Little Paintings: Robin in the Bath

Seán and I have recently been scheming new ways to creatively capture scenes around the Hill, so I halved some card-paper offcuts I got from an art store. Now we have a nice stack of 3x3.5'' pieces that we're gradually making into tiny paintings.

One of my first attempts is a common sight around here: a fluffed-up, staring robin soaking in the bath:

robin bath in hand


Seán   Hummingtunes III: Calming Music Edition  Kate

If you missed the previous editions of Hummingtunes, you can find them here & here.

Tomorrow, Bandcamp Friday returns once more to support the livelihoods of musicians around the world who bring much-needed light and relief to challenging circumstances. For this edition of Hummingtunes, we thought we'd take this opportunity to highlight and reflect upon some of the calming albums which have brought a great deal of relief to our heavy brains and anxious bodies during difficult times. We hope they do the same for yours as well:


Seán   Pollinators Week Finale: A Tale of Two Pies  Kate

As you're all no doubt aware, today is Tau Day! So no further explanation is neede-

Quail ~ “”

Oh! It seems that Quinton is unfamiliar with this widely-celebrated and much-beloved human holiday. So before we continue, here's a brief bit of background:


Kate   Pollinators Week: Got Nectar?

Looks like someone's had a busy day of pollinating while filling up on the sweet stuff!


Seán   Pollinators Week: BC Bees & Wanna-bees

A happy bee enjoying the offerings of a camas flower

As of today, Kate and I are officially on our way to becoming certified pollinator stewards thanks to Island Pollinator Initiative's wonderful new webinar series. The first session enlightened us about the importance of pollinators to food production and biodiversity, with a special focus on BC's native bees.


Seán   Signs of Spring  Kate

As spring comes to a close, we thought we'd celebrate the shifting of seasons by sharing the gallery we've been assembling (~60mb) which showcases some of the myriad expressions of life which we've witnessed around Humm Hill this time of year. And while summer may be dawning across our hemisphere, we look forward to continuing to share and reflect upon these scenes in the months to come.

While you explore our noticings, you may also enjoy listening to this field recording taken here one rainy morning earlier this spring:

How many different bird calls do you hear? For the answer, read the description.

Kate  Hummingpuppet

hummer puppet

A hummingbird puppet has been on my mental “to-make” list for a while, but wasn't the highest priority until I was invited to participate in Seán's virtual “puppet soirée & sing-along” birthday gathering — the perfect opportunity!

This was my first attempt at needle-felting a puppet, and it turned out to be quite a nice medium for the smaller-scale female Anna's hummer.

A description of the process, along with more pictures and a video of the (literal) humming-bird in action can all be found on my Patreon. :)

Seán   Announcing: Irregular Updates

“Why have I been receiving less emails from you lately?” – Quinton

If you've been following us via email for a while, you may have noticed that you haven't been receiving nearly as many updates as you used to. This is actually not so much because we've been posting less frequently lately (though this is partially true) as it is that we've recently decided to shift our dispatch style to one which is, well, irregular!


Kate #Meanwhile: The ants go marching... with larvae  Seán

Millions of female worker ants carry the queen's larvae through a vast, treacherous landscape (known to us as 'the garden'). Watch them go...


Kate Weeding Wednesday Warriors  Seán


Down at the base of Humm Hill, in a small field ringed by poplars, pines, and maples, among other flora, we've been spending a lot of this season working towards restoring native biodiversity. The work can easily consume half a day, but always brings a deeply rewarding sense of satisfaction as our efforts quickly reveal native seedlings and sprouts which have been waiting patiently for the sun to reach them. On this Weeding Wednesday, we thought we'd take a moment to share a glimpse of this process.


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