Here is why emotional intelligence is your way of understanding yourself and others

Want to solve problems? Exercising critical and creative thinking? Managing people and coordinating with them? All of these skills that we talked about require personal effort and the ability to control your emotions and feelings and understand the feelings of others around you and this comes through your acquisition of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence means the ability to understand and manage your feelings in a positive way, which helps you in controlling your relationships with others as well, and makes you able to make decisions clearly without being affected by any pressure or tension, because by emotional intelligence, you will have the ability to control any negative feeling, thus ensuring Proper thinking.

The four aspects of emotional intelligence

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Emotional intelligence relates to feelings, and therefore it can be divided into two parts. Each part contains two components, the first part for you on the personal level and your feelings from within you, and the second part for the people and your dealings with them and the feelings associated with them.


The first pillar of emotional intelligence is your ability to manage yourself, that is, control feelings and not be impulsive because of the different situations that occur with you, and thus healthily deal with your emotions by resolving the crises that arise, and adapting to any circumstances that you face without being You allow it to affect your life negatively, but quickly understand, accept and control it.


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It is one of the most important parts of emotional intelligence, your ability to recognize your feelings, and how they affect your thoughts and behaviors in dealing. This requires your knowledge of your existing strengths and weaknesses. In particular, this point is misunderstood by many, so some think that knowledge of strengths and weaknesses must occur through others, for fear of falling into the ego when a person says he has certain strengths, along with the tendency of some to Exaggerating themselves, positively or negatively.

In fact, self-awareness is very important to you in your life, you know the things that affect you better than others, and thus you will have a full understanding of everything that happens to you and its causes. Thus the possibility of identifying strengths and weaknesses, you can notice them through the different situations that pass you through in your life or The experiences you have in your life.

Social awareness

Social awareness represents the third pillar of emotional intelligence, and it is related to the people around you, as it means that you have the ability to empathize with them and understand their feelings, needs, and fears well, and you can understand the reasons behind the actions of individuals. You can use this social awareness in the work environment in your dealings with others.

Relationship Management

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The last aspect of emotional intelligence is the ability to deal in relationships with others, manage and develop them for the better, how to influence others and work with them in a team, and not allow conflicts to arise.

Why is emotional intelligence so important in your life?

By seeing the people around you, you can know that the most successful people are not necessarily the smartest in the known concept of intelligence, but rather the people who can control their emotions and interact with the people around them, especially when the situation requires it. You can benefit from emotional intelligence in the following details:

Improving performance at work

Emotional intelligence enables you to overcome the difficulties resulting from dealing with others, but rather makes you have the ability to improve your dealings with them, and perhaps lead them and influence them. Many companies have realized the value of emotional intelligence for this reason, and they test job applicants to see their extent as a necessity in the work environment.

Maintaining your health

The inability to manage emotions leads to feelings of tension, which may result in health and mental problems, so you find yourself exposed to many risks. Having emotional intelligence helps you learn how to manage stress and deal with it, thus feeling relaxed and maintaining your health.

Managing your relationships well

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Through your ability to understand your feelings and the best way to control them, you have a greater ability to express your own feelings, as well as understand what others are feeling around you and the difficulties and crises they are going through, and make you able to communicate with them effectively.

Your relationships at work and your personal life also make you able to enter into healthy, beneficial relationships and build bonds with others. On the other hand, you will have the ability to recognize relationships that are negatively affecting you and let go of them to not cause you more harm over time.

You can easily develop your emotional intelligence by caring for the world inside you, trying to understand your feelings well and thinking before making any decisions, and being patient with yourself in the different situations that occur with you. Mastering emotional intelligence is not a luxury in today's world, but rather a necessity for a better life.

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