The reverse fasting diet!

Fasting has long been known for its health benefits, which has made a set of alleviated diets based on the principle of fasting to spread.

The system of reverse fasting, and everything you should know about this diet to achieve the desired goal, i.e. weight loss and fat burning.

The system of reverse fasting and its properties

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The system of reverse fasting is one of the effective dieting regimens for burning body fat.

Reverse fasting, or “time-consuming eating,” is a diet that is based on stopping eating any food, other than water and fluids (without adding sugar to it) during the fasting period that starts at five in the afternoon, and lasts from 13 hours to 16 of them. After that, breakfast is eaten.

The system of reverse fasting

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Make sure to eat a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients

When eating, food must be balanced and rich in important nutrients that the body needs, in moderate amounts, such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, and starches, so that the fasting person ensures that he does not take more calories than his needs. Thus, get rid of extra weight.

Also, avoid eating sweets or fast food at breakfast, especially after six in the evening, even if the hours of fasting are observed; This hinders the process of burning fat in the body. Hence, not losing weight.

Reverse Fasting Diet: How to apply it?

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Avoiding ready meals is essential when following the reverse fasting diet; To ensure fat burning. The reverse diet is based on either fasting 12 hours a day and breaking the fast for 12 hours, or fasting 14 hours and breaking fast for 10 hours, or fasting 16 hours and breaking fast for 8 hours, according to what is appropriate for the daily regime for those who wish to follow it.

For example: When you eat breakfast at seven in the morning, dinner will be no later than six in the evening. You can also increase your fasting hours to 17 hours, or just fast two days a week. Between meals during the fasting period, water can be drunk.

The permissible and forbidden in the system of reverse fasting

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It is permissible and forbidden to take it when following the inverse fasting diet.

During fasting, drinks, such as water, tea, or coffee, can be drunk without sugar.

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What is forbidden in the reverse fasting diet, is eating any item that contains calories; It works to break the fast even if the variety is a piece of vegetables with few calories.

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