Pages of past life


Today's Goals:

1) 1 hour guessing strategies 2) Revise quant weak topics 3) Short-list 5 colleges for GMAT 4) Run 5) Send out reco requests for ISB

Yesterday was diwali. It is obviously a pretty special day as the whole city is in a festive mood. It was also exciting as it was our first diwali in Mumbai. The highlight of the day was going to Marine Drive and watching fire crackers over there. I have never seen Marine Drive so packed. Otherwise, the day started as usual. I studied a bit of quant in the morning (did Data Sufficiency problems from Official Guide which were surprisingly challenging), while N was cleaning the house. Then we went over to M's place for lunch and to check on A, who is suffering from Typhoid.

I am so thankful to god for providing me with this life, which is a gift.


My biggest mistakes and what i have learnt from them:

Following money rather than following runs. I am quoting this phrase from a speech given by Harsha Bhogle at IIM A. One should always follow one's passion and improve ability. Get better at what you do, become the best. Follow excellence of work. Don't follow the money. Let it follow you. My immediate goal is to become the best financial analyst that i can be. I have already had some experience working as a credit analyst and I want to grow my knowledge to open up more avenues by going to pursue MBA and then finish CFA.

Grateful for: 1) Having food on the table 2) A good, loving, and caring wife