Setelah membaca, ternyata baru sadar kalo diri ini tak ada apa2nya dibandingkan setetes laut pengetahuan Allah

In a world full of madness, you are the most beautiful person that always keeping me sane.

A letter to my younger self

Hey, bud, the one you are looking rn in the mirror is a bit sad, he missed his old self, he missed a diligent boy who are optimistic about life, the one that only thinks about now moment. He missed you that always smile, sad, angry, but most particularly happy almost all his time. The one who brave enough to start almost any conversation. Yeah i know u got low self esteem, but listen to me. When you thought the man in the mirror is ugly, no you're not. You're just having unhealthy obsession toward MJ that has been whitewashed, literally. You got this This too shall pass, love you<3

Setelah dua bulan lamanya akhirnya pohonku mulai berbuah Alhamdulillah madang bos

It's just different now I have no respect for you, even a bit I wanna puke just looking at your photo

The worst thing someone say is, “I found your twitter acc!”

-Wait do you mean X? +What is even that???

I love words, tembung, 言葉 คำ Oh I love blue, love, desire, apple, tackle, maple I love wound, sound, pound round, town Oh i love words, they're beautiful I love you, but you're a liar

O Allah, the most gracious the most merciful. Kalo emang ini jadi salah satu kejadian buat char development, w terima. Bismillah

Kalo tau gini, gue kelarin thesis gw duluan, tai

Also, I would never drink that rose tea with caramel syrup.

Now, I loathe rose tea with caramel syrup.