A friend of mine texted me. Asked me whether or not I'm free tomorrow, ofc I am. We promised to treat each other a meal when we got a job. He GOT THE JOB. I'm happy for him.

I'm happy for all my friends who got gut news. May Allah bless you all with unexpected happiness and good news.

Mutusin buat Workout biar badan bisa jadi son goku, udah sekitar 6 bulan wo, udah kerasa dikit berotot. Kalo ngeliat cermin kek kecil bgt, pernah mikir pingin pale juice(re: steroid) tapi efek sampingnya bikin emosional bgt. Yaudah lah take it slow aja

On the way to 80 kg

Foods make everything better. The good one.


sometimes, humans dont deserve to live

all the chaos in the world at least It's nice to have good friends.

Someone has just unfollowed and deleted me from her following lists. I knew it because whenever I upload a story, she is the one I'm paying attention to. It might be a trivial matter for some, but not for me.

It makes me questioning myself what did I do wrong to her. Am I bad person or something?

One time when I was junior high school, an anonymous friend wrote “you scoundrel” and honestly that made me overthinking the whole day. It felt like I had enemy or foe. I don't like to be so called villain in someone point of view. That writing “you scoundrel” sticked to my brain all day. “I have to settle this matter.” I thought of myself.

Only to find that my male friend wrote that, it was a joke he said it, he was laughing.

In the end, I have just to let go. Not making such illogical assumption.

Hal tersulit setelah kepergian seseorang yang berarti adalah membiasakan hari-hari yang biasa dijalani bersama tanpa kehadiran mereka.

there is nothing new under the sun keep thriving

ah udara malam saat hujan gerimis menyengarkan sekali kami duduk menyantap ayam penyet mas kobis

it is really heartwarming when ur friend remembered silly little thing about me. it is giving me a little hope of living

long live my friend, may allah grants u a happy, healthy fulfilling life.

good luck