jarrett moffatt

Close your eyes. You're watching a John Hughes film. It's the final scene. We're at a high school gym at the end of the homecoming dance. Anthony Michael Hall's learned too many hard truths in the plot preceding, but he's finally figured out the only truth that matters: Love looks pretty in pink. It's now just him and the girl he's been waiting for his whole life sitting on the gym floor, surrounded by streamers and glitter. Their heads lean in. Lips lock. The scene cuts to black.

Then this song comes on.

wow wow wow.

haven't written anything in a really long time. well that's not true. i've been writing a lot of letters:


letters are fun.

Without going out of your door You can know all things on earth Without looking out of your window You could know the ways of heaven The farther one travels The less one knows The less one really knows

Arrive without traveling See all without looking Do all without doing

—George Harrison, The Inner Light


Very cool video concept. From what I can tell, Midnight Kids asked fans to send in shots of friends being friends in simpler times:

The 4:3(ish) aspect ratio and the home video vibe makes all these pre-Pandemic memories seem so, so distant; I can feel the pangs of nostalgia in every shot.

Just a reminder of what we've lost and what we hope to gain again.


“He went to the Arctic—as to the Antarctic, the Pacific north-west, Australia, the Galapagos, Africa—with the mental preparation of a scientist. Though he had not been trained as one, he had read widely, and could deploy anthropology, geology, biology and physics as they were needed. But he also deployed the eye of the boy who had wandered the creeks and rocks of the San Fernando Valley, and whose greatest joy had been to watch his pigeons flying. The book that resulted from his trip, “Arctic Dreams” (1986), carefully analysed the crystalline structure of rocks and ice, the habits of seals and the thermodynamic function of the hair of polar bears, but delighted equally in the still-mysterious: the life of the narwhal, less known than the rings of Saturn, or the migration of snow geese, which made him feel transcendent when he camped among them. Rationalism, charts and data sets could go only so far. They could not answer his abiding questions: how landscape shaped the people who lived in it, their ethics and imaginations, and how people’s aspirations, in turn, affected landscape, until they were as much a part of it as the creatures were, or as the wind was. Science could not explain how some landscapes bestowed grace on the beholder, and called out goodness.”

— “Barry Lopez died on December 25th,” The Economist, January 2, 2021


o, dystopia! come closer! you're too far away. our faces find warmth in your cold blue light, that hue of hope a lighthouse for the lonely. take us to where we want to be, to saccharine-soaked realities. swipe, swipe, swipe, no, that's not the one. swipe, swipe, swipe, anxious thumbs on the run. THERE! the pretty girl, with the pretty smile, she knows who can save us, and while it ain't the lord jesus, she says she'll still please us. so click link in bio, and have CASSIESAVEU20 on your next online purchase.