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The pain of using three different note-taking apps and organizing my notes into different folders by topic has finally gotten into my nerves. And it's enough for me to look for a better system of taking notes.

Obsidian and Zettelkasten are not completely new to me. In fact, I have the former installed in my devices since September last year and sometimes using it to take notes. As for the latter, I encountered it as a concept when researching Obsidian but never took the time to fully understand it because I was content with my note-taking system back then. Why change what's not broken? Or so I thought.

I realized this past few weeks how messy it was. My folders and notes are everywhere. Sometimes I’m writing a note to a new folder when a similar one already exists in another. I began looking for a new note-taking app as if I’m not already using multiple ones, but Obsidian keeps showing up on my searches and I remembered Zettelkasten. After watching hours of videos about the method and how to use it with Obsidian, I have finally set them up based on my preferences.

00 Memory Alpha is my hub while folders 01-03 are for the standard Zettelkasten notes and folder 04 is for my production notes.