Journey To Pro

My Journey from Amateur to Professional Writer

There's a door that you seem to step through emotionally when you decide to take something to a professional level. I'm not talking the teenager ambition to play video games professionally, to use social media professionally or to be a rock star. I mean the true breadth and depth of knowing you don't know much of anything, yet you are stepping off the cliff, into the void, and trusting you'll hit the bridge before the rocks and river below. That's what I have done. I trust that I will make this journey. Or that I at least know how to swim.

This blog is to mark my progress towards professional. It can be a guide if you're following me along on this journey. It may be a chance to just point and laugh at my mistakes and miss-steps as I grow either as a professional writer or as someone making futile attempts to market themselves as a writer. Either way, I hope you'll get some entertainment and information from this.

As writers we are no longer seen as the tortured artists who live quietly amongst the trees. We cannot and must not be the anonymous tortured souls who create beautiful words that heals and lifts up your spirit. We must be that tortured soul weaving language into beautiful tapestries, while also being the star. Out front. In the spot light waving our banner and shouting for everyone to look at us for just a few moments. To see our work. To hear our words. To sit down, relax and enjoy. And if you would be so kind as to please visit the gift shop on your way out and buy something cause we're kind of broke.

So, this is me, Louis, letting everyone know who I am. I am not quite skilled with a hammer, and these planks are kind of rough, but I will do what I can to build this platform. It may start out as rickety, perhaps will collapse a time or two. But sooner or later, I will give it my all, learn what I can, and become professional at this thing called writing.