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Be Excellent to Each Other

Book lists are so powerful, on the one hand you have a wealth of potential new knowledge and on the other you have a boat load of new distraction potential.

I've had a shift in feeling, like a clog in a pipe has dissipated and I feel i'm perceiving more clearly, it's actually quite remarkable, a seed of frustration had planted itself and it's felt like it's been lingering for some time. I still have work to do but reflection, honesty and communication have been valuable.

“Personality psychologists believe that differences in both aspects of [...] are linked to clusters of genetic differences. Although it is possible to develop one's personality over time, it's also necessary to accept your innate differences to some degree.”

As always I start things with enthusiasm (just realised in Firefox you can right click and select 'Check Spelling', good to know), 21 March 2021 I started to log privately in Simple Note my daily activities, what i'm reading, listening to, things i'm musing about. Why? Posterity? Reminders? To make sense of things? By April 2 i'd given up just like all the others times I tried to blog, journal, write. So now i'm here again...

Dreamnt about crossing paths with Hamilton Morris last night, I said some thing which made him laugh, and we gave each other an elbow bump. That reminds me, he's on patreon...

The foundation of all that we believe is based on what we accept as truth, not on perception.

But risk means there are consequences if things don't go as expected.

“Maybe the dogs front legs should actually be called dog arms”

Year 36 Day 274

Acorns! Most of us know they exist but do you know if they green then brown, or brown then green?

Today I ate a toasted sandwich with cheese, peanut butter and strawberry jam.

I probably wont do it again.