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Pen and Paper

I recently revisited the book Digital Minimalism. This time, however, I borrowed a physical copy through my university's interlibrary loan program.

The purpose of moving away from my exclusively digital reading habit is to rediscover some of the lost values of analog: analog reading, analog writing, and analog existence.

As an experiment, I am going to fully commit to a month-long digital detox as suggested in Digital Minimalism.



As someone who has academically excelled since a young age, the most difficult transition in college has been an acceptance in my mediocrity.

Korea's Obsession With Success.

I am the poster child of a success-driven society. I was raised in South Korea, a country with incomparable academic pressure. In primary school, I received special education for high-performing STEM students. Later in high school, I was my grade's top-performing competitive mathematician.