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A software engineering wisdom says that premature optimization is the root of all evil. Note the modifier “premature.” Optimization is great; it's not so great in the prototyping stage though.

This is exactly what I am feeling in life. I have obsessed so much over the optimization of the minutiae of the daily grind that I have forgotten to stop and reflect if I am going in the right direction in the first place.


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I recently shared my strategy for finally making reading into a habit. The key takeaway was to redirect my habit of checking social media on my phone into reading a few pages of an ebook.

In order to make this change stick, I deleted every single source of distraction from my phone. That shaped my environment to be conducive to reading.

Erik Barker

In my further research about forming reading habits, I came across an interview of Erik Barker, the bestselling author of “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” and the writer of a homonymous blog. (It has an amusing address: