birthday eve

another really quiet day. i actually did some cooking today. made some pasta and sauce. i think yesterday was i didnt eat enough with my meds. so i ended up feeling really sick and weak. so i made sure to eat something today.

i did some dishes and other stuff. will try and remember to take some pictures of the new flowers tomorrow. i finished trimming the fur on the rabbit. he looks much better now. i think much cooler too. his fur will be grown back in by fall.

i am looking for a project i put on hold last year when i got moved to another retirement home. i still cant find the memory quilt working box. its probly someplace safe. sigh.

i still talk to my friend in london, we speak almost every night. the connection is important for both of us i think. we both live alone. sometimes i find it hard but most times i am ok.

i have things to do tomorrow but it wont take me long to do. tomorrow is my birthday and i am thinking dinner and a movie. 3pm movie and then dinner after.

the kids will message happy birthday , but there will be no taking mom out for dinner or bringing her a birthday cake. so i will take myself out . on days like this it can be lonely.

i am still not sure i want someone in my life again. it can get complicated meshing two lives together. where would we live? his house or mine. like i want to move again. how much stuff will i have to get rid of?? i think i will keep things as is for now.

its been a very warm day, and i am tired now. will try and get some sleep and maybe wonder what i will wear for going out….