its sunday on my weekend off, which means its work day tomorrow. so i have been trying to get lots done today while i could. i finished the carrots. i wont be doing anymore canning as i am out of jars. no more to be had until maybe jan if i am lucky. so will have to use what i have for now. i made pumpkin muffins. they turned out really yummy and half are gone already...lol. i had to go get my new glasses today. they are really good and i am seeing very well and clearly. thank goodness. when someone says they cant see , believe them. so that is out of the way . i now have to phone my eye dr and reg dr about appts this week. i wish i could just email them like my dr in barrie. would be so much faster and easier for me now that i am back at work. having to call the drs office repeatedly is very annoying. and the line is always busy. i might as well just drive up there and talk to them in person. i have done it before.

so i have 5 cards to go out this week. not bad for a weeks trade. i have offered to trade on others but no reply. so will spend the next day or two getting mailouts ready. its nice to get mail thats not bills.

i made pasta for dinner and i bought bread as we went out to get my glasses. i love bread so much good thing i dont buy crusty bread often.

i made a couple of new ATC cards today. will post them when i think they might trade.

time for a shower and get things ready for tomorrow. see you all tomorrow.

its almost 5 am. i have been up since 3am. i had to go to the bathroom. sigh. one of the few days i get to sleep in and i am up.

i worked last night and was too mentally exhausted to write an entry. it was a long day at work. i heard they are hiring a male psw to work at the retirement home which means i will loose some hours.

i went back to bed and was able to sleep for a few hours. which was nice. i dont normally fall back asleep.

i was up again near 8 and put on tea and coffee. we went out for breakfast. we have not been out in weeks. it was nice just to chat and have a meal together. i am usually working at lunch and brent is working at dinner so we never have a meal together. after breakfast we did a bit of shopping and came home. i started dinner and got the pot on the stove for boiled dinner.

dinner was good and there is a bit left over for monday for brent. i might make pasta for tomorrow and maybe some bread in the bread machine. i still have some carrots to finish canning and then i am done for now. i wanted to do more but i am almost out of jars and i cant get more until Jan at the soonest. if nothing else i will get a rest from it for now. i never counted how many jars i have in the basement but i know its alot. dont think i want to know really.

i think i might do some art before bed....see you all tomorrow....

well this day has just flown by. its already dinner time. i started canning again this morning and got alot done. i need more small jars. i went to walmart to get my meds and thought i would look for jars when i was there. got my meds. forgot to look for jars....sigh. i guess i will have to make due with what i have.

i am now out of pain meds and no one will be in the drs office till tues. i have no idea what i am going to do. i depend on the meds so i can work and i know the office wont be happy if i call in and say i cant work because i have no pain meds. i didnt even know the drs office was open again. i wished they had called me to let me know they wont be renewing it by fax. least then i could have made an appt. so now what? how can i work and deal with pain and pretend i am ok? i hate my life.

i better go and feed the birds and clean the cat box and of course there is always dishes. then i can relax and have a tea and do some art. i dug out some more card patterns and will try and photocopy them on the weekend. the ones i have picked out will be ones i have painted so i may have to use coloured pencils for it as painting small areas may not be possible for me. my tremors have gotten worse over the last yr or so. so pencils might be a better option now.

later....its time for a shower and get things ready for work tomorrow. days off go by so fast i hardly have time to breathe before its over. sigh. all i want is to win a butt load of money so i can pursue my art and not waste the last good bit of my life working so dam hard ..

see you all tomorrow

the sun is out today and laundry is out. the clothes will smell so nice. i made it through the day at work. my stomach was upset most of the afternoon but i didnt get sick. thats a bonus. tomorrow is my day off and i am canning V8 juice. i should have enough jars. i hope. i might have to go and find some more 2 cuppers for the carrots.

i even spent some time doing some art today. got a fish stitched up and later a picture will be taken of it so i can post it. i got some cards ready to go out as well. i got happy mail yesterday, a card sent to me , its a cat. its really cute. no happy mail today, there is always tomorrow. my creative spark is going good lately. i sketch my ideas when i am at work. i am trying to design a card based on a colour for a trade. its hard for me as i have not had many ideas for it i like. pintrest here i come.

i can smell the V8 cooking. it might be ready to can by lunch time tomorrow. i have to start bringing things to the basement. there is alot of filled jars sitting by the door. i just dont want brent to put them away. i will never find them again. i hated when he decided to “organize” my shelves downstairs. he made a huge mess of it. it drives me nuts when i am trying to find something. i am still trying to sort bits out here and there.

the days are getting so short. i dont like winter. all the darkness is hard on me. i like the sun and colour. winter is a season of no colour and no light. i count the days till the shortest day and then the days get longer.

time for bed as i am falling asleep....see you all tomorrow

its the first day of fall. summer is over and i am incredibly tired today. i work another 2 days before my day off. i should be grateful for my job and i am . i just think i am too old to do it anymore. i made it through today and thats what counts. the last 2 days have been split shifts so i was just too tired to even think when i got home.

the chores later will be to feed all the creatures and bed them all down for the night. hopfully tomorrow will still be a short day and i can be home early and maybe get a few more things done.

i got some happy mail today. a post card from the UK . will have to start to make one to send back. thats the idea is to make postcards to send. its fun to do, but someday i am going to make something i wont want to send....lol i also have 3 ATC's to get out this week. i had to stop and get stamps on the way home today. most of my cards go to the USA. i was hoping to be trading more with Canada but it is what it is today. maybe in the future there will be more to trade with. i just need more time to make the cards. work sure gets in the way of some things.

so tonight instead of going back to work and working till 9, its shower and bed by 830 and hopefully sleep well until its time to get up. see you all tomorrow....

i was up early again today, mostly because i had to go to the bathroom yet again. but in the end it gets me going to finish the tomatoes which are in the canner now. so that is done.

today is also day 1 of 6 days of work. yuck. i wish i had some extra pain pills. i really need them during this time.

i also traded another card yesterday. good thing its almost ready to go in the mail. i made an album on the facebook page but i dont think many are interested in the cards i make. the trick is to find something alot of people like and are willing to trade for. that is the hard part. will keep playing with ideas...and see how it goes.

much much later...almost bed time. home from work now, i had my shower and got a few things ready for the morning. some days i feel like i am always at work....

i am going to try and get the pineapple canned tomorrow. there is enough for a few jars. i dont want it to go bad before i eat it. it was 2 good sized pineapples.

i better get to bed 430 comes early....see you all tomorrow

it has been a very busy day. i was up early and got to it early. i canned the first pot of tomato sauce. i then canned all the nectarines i bought , all of that took most of the morning. i have the last pot of tomatoes on the stove cooking down. that will be it for tomatoes.

i washed the floor and did up most of the dishes. i didnt get to dinner however but there is still chicken in the frig for him. me on the other hand is not hungry at all. but with the fact i have to take meds later i have to eat. the birds are fed and watered. the rabbit cage is cleaned. he needs to be brushed but i lost his brush some place.

i am still feeling dizzy today and stiff. the pain level is high and i rest when i can.

i checked my list for tomorrow and so far as of right now no changes. work has a habit of changing things after i go to bed. really pisses me off. i think about quitting work every day because of this. i cant deal with pissed off people every day because they decide to change people around. i wish i didnt have to work. it would sure save me alot of pain. i need to win the lottery. sooner to later the dizziness and pain and lack of balance is going to catch up with me and i may pass out at work. i am booked back to back with no time for a break for at least 5 or 6 hours. so by then i am so tired i can hardly think.

on the bright side i got more happy mail today, 2 more cards. i love all the cards i have gotten so far. i am sending one out tomorrow and i am working on another trade. see what happens i guess.

i have more to do before bed so i am going to close here for now and see you all tomorrow.

i have a very busy day. besides work i have an eye appt about my glasses. i also have to get the next pot of tomato sauce canned. sometimes i wish i could win a butt load of money so i would not ever have to work and be in this much pain again. i was in so much pain yesterday that i felt sick all day. i am glad i didnt throw up at all at work. i did get a break however and that helped a bit.

time to get ready for work. be back later.

much much later... work is over . so glad its over. i wish i could rearrange the list so as to suit better the people i am seeing. some dont want to get up some have been up for hours and others dont care. sometimes i am so fed up with how the office does things and how they treat the employees. we are the ones doing the work and get treated like crap. if everyone quit on the same day same time they would really be screwed.

no mail for me today but i did get some things out in the mail. i wanted to do so much tonight when i got home, but i fell asleep instead. i guess i was more tired then i thought. my breain is still very foggy but will have to keep going till bed time. i will have to catch up tomorrow. i got the birds fed and rabbit fed and caged.

i also got my new cards photographed and sent to my email. so now i can post them for trade. i have a few more on the go so hope to finish them tomorrow. i have so many ideas now that i have to write them down so i remember to do them.

tomorrow is my day off and i wont be going out. not that i want to. i have to finish the pot of tomatoes and i bought some nectarines when i was walmart. i had to go to walmart after work for my eye appointment. i am now waiting on the new lenses for my glasses. so hopfully thats the end of eye stuff for now.

its late now and i am going to close for now and head to bed...see you all tomorrow...

wow i am really losing it. i thought i started an entry this morning. i guess not. work is work and i made it home in lots of pain. took a pain pill and rested for half an hour.

i got the tomato sauce canned up. i was worried about that as i didnt want the tomatoes to spoil before i could get to them. i have another pot on the stove cooking. there are still a few more things i want to make before i am done the big jobs.

my trading cards that i have sent out are starting to arrive at the destinations. i am so happy they are getting there safe. so far i have gotten 2 back. i also got a postcard today from Australia. it took a month for it to get here. its like wow. guess the mail in some areas is moving really slow. it was still exciting to get mail today that was not a bill! its been so long since i sent out letters and postcards, i really loved writing to penpals yrs ago. then over time alot of them just stopped writing. i can only guess as life gets in the way and things change. i have 2 letter penpals right now and 2 postcard penpals. i am ok with that. i dont have as much time to write letters as i used to. i have been using the dead time at work to write a letter or two to help the time pass.

i best go feed the birds....will be back later.

the birds are fed...and we have 4 surprise babies. brent didnt take any eggs out of the aviary when he cleaned it. so we have babies. they are new ...only about a week old.

i have been working on some more cards and some are almost ready just need a back and to be signed. i have one card to send out tomorrow. well i better get things ready for tomorrow...see you all tomorrow....

well yesterday certainly got away from me. i feel bad for not writing. it really helps to clear out my head most days. i was really busy with errands yesterday. i really miss being able to stop between clients to do small errands, like get gas.

but i got things done and we had left overs for dinner. i also got a bit of art time in too. just alot of gluing but its still a finishing step. alot of making these cards is waiting for things to dry, paint, glue etc. things like that cant be rushed or you end up with a mess. so i do a little bit, wait and then a little bit more always keeping in mind what i want it to look like.

its back to work day. so i better get my butt in gear and get dressed and make my lunch, i work till 3.

much later...

work went ok after i was able to rearange some clients after the office changed my schedule around after i went to bed. i was not happy and it through my whole day off.

on the bright side i got some happy mail today. my first trading cards have come in. i was so excited. i have about 6 new cards made up now i can post later this week. it takes so long for me to make them, all the wait time for paint and glue to dry. i have 3 cards i need to make for a themed trade. i dont have a due date on them but i want to get them started at least.

well its late and i need to shower...see you all tomorrow.