i had to go out today, besides work i went to micheals to get some floss and a few other small things. i was hoping to get some thread but they dont stock the brand i like. i didnt spend much. it was still nice to go and look around. treated myself to dinner at taco bell, i had a cupon...lol

i picked up my meds and some other grocery items. i managed to loose my notebook in the store. someone found it and brought to lost and found. i was so grateful for that! so i came home and relaxed for a bit. had my salad. then it was time for some small chores and a cup of tea.

it was snowing today. not something i want more of these days. i am still working away on my quilt, slow progress but its still really helping me get through this grief. grief is something that never goes away. i still grieve my girlfriend who suddenly died 10 yrs ago. i still miss her very much every day, just like i still miss brent very much every time i come home and no one is yelling hi honey from upstairs. just like cooking for one is still really hard. i still make too much and then find it hard to eat so many left overs.

i am very tired now and in alot of pain. hip pain mostly, sometimes knee pain. i rest when i can and make due with the energy i have. i miss having help here with chores. some days i feel so overwhelmed with all the things i have to do.

i keep forgetting to post...so i will now and start a new post later