i really have to start remembering to hit publish when i write an entry. its december and brent has been gone almost 11 months. i decorated the house and put some lights up outside. its ment to help me cheer up a bit.

there are still a couple of bins to bring back down but over all i think it looks pretty good.

my oldest son is coming by today and we will go over my will and where all the important documents will be stored. he has a key to the house and i told him of the plans for the animals. they will pass naturally as they age. no more cats will be brought in and i make sure to take any eggs to prevent any new birds. most of the birds are near 9 or 10 yrs old now. so they will start to pass of old age.

much later....

my son just left and i have dinner on.

we talked about the will and what i would like done. i would imagine it was a very uncomfortable conversation for him. but we got through it. i will start filling in the papers and then have it signed.

we had a good visit too. we talked about alot of things , and we came to an understanding about the house and things. so the first step is done. i always thought i would die first. but i guess i was wrong on that part. anyhow once this is done i will feel better about some things. i know is something that has to be done.

i managed to get the house looking half decent over the last few days, and the table cleared and looking good with some xmas cheer....

as the days go by this month it will be harder and harder , remembering this time last year....i sure miss him.